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Scholarship Essay

Personal strengths are closely intertwined with professional skills and abilities. This is why I attempt to use the full potential of my personal strengths to become a successful professional in the field of health information technologies. In actuality, I have a number of personal strengths that allow me to develop my professional skills in the field of health information technologies that transform my personal strengths in my professional strengths.

First of all, I have well-developed organizational skills that help me to develop effective relationships with my peers and other people as well as to learn effectively. I can schedule my workday accurately that help me to learn effectively because I do not waste my time and manage my time properly. The effective time management is useful in my personal as well as professional life.

Furthermore, my strife for knowledge and research activities is another personal strength that can help me in my professional development as a health IT professional. In fact, as I acquire new knowledge and conduct research activities, I develop my professional skills and can make new discoveries that help me to keep progressing as a professional.

In addition, my creativity can be also helpful in my professional career. My creativity may be particularly helpful in a combination with computer programming, which I develop successfully and I have certain experience in the field of computer programming that may be helpful in health information technologies.

Finally, my communication skills can be particularly effective in the health care setting. I need to communicate effectively to perform well working in the health care environment.

Thus, the aforementioned personal strengths and qualifications contribute to my professional development.