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Ronald Reagan Reforms

When Ronald Reagan became the President he brought some political advantages. He had a mandate from Americans to cut the income taxes, make US military number one in the world and decrease the size of federal government. It was a revolutionary task and feisty republican minority and Republican Senate helped the President to avoid legislative deadlocks.

The first step was tax reform. Reagan was sure that as soon as low taxes can allow people to save and spend more money from what they earn, they would be more industrious and productive. As the President promised, the military system benefited from the growth of economics.

Nevertheless, deep cuts in domestic spending were not reached. Welfare spending was increasing during the presidency of Reagan. According to Ward (2007), the main reason of it was following: the President could not overcome the Congress’s spending impulses. During the two terms of his presidency Reagan was confronted by the Democratic Party. It was still enslaved by the New Deal and Republicans in the Senate were still mesmerized by the political ideas of the President.

In his inaugural address of the President Reagan, he was saying that governments were not the solution for different problems, but governments could become problems themselves.

In conclusion we can say that the process of changes was uneven and slow. It was always made difficult by Democratic House of Representatives. Summarizing the results of his Presidency, Reagan told that the failure of his attempts to cut and balance the federal spending was one of his biggest disappointments.


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