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In this paper we are going to discuss and define the idea of Romanization and its role in creating unity in the development of the Roman Empire.First of all it is necessary to define the term Romanization that will help us to be more professional in further discussion. Thus, Romanization is the assimilation of the language of ancient Rome, Roman culture and customs of the peoples who have fallen under the power or influence of the Roman Empire.

Rome, being originally a small settlement, subdued the whole Italy, including the Greek colonies, which were kept longer than others during a little bit more than a century. Since that time began the rapid growth of subordinates Romans territories. As a result of various conquests Rome has achieved the height of its power. According to Hingley (2005), its authority extended from Spain in the west to Mesopotamia in the east, and from Egypt in the south to Britain in the north. The domination of Rome over the huge number of tribes and peoples that inhabited these lands was not purely external, disengaged solely on brute force. The Romans tried to unite the entire ancient world in a much more profound manner. To do this, in the provinces (conquered territories) were introduced elements of the Roman polity, Roman law (it was a subject of especial proud of the Romans, who valued law and order more than everything), were inoculated the Roman moral ideals (patriotism, devotion to duty, the severity of manners), and various elements of Roman life. Great importance was attached to the development of trade; therefore, conquered tribes were actively involved in the service in the Roman legions.

Thus, it is possible to state in conclusion that the idea of Romanization was created for the purpose of to increase an influence of Roman Empire on others and to unite different peoples in one integral making them more developed and educated.



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