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Returning to School

Nowadays education occupies one of the most important places in the development of every person. I would like to talk about the way how I’m going to return back to school in this paper. The main thesis of this paper is the following: a great wish to know more may overcome many difficulties on the way to knowledge. Thus, this paper will be not only about my wish to return back to school, but also about the necessity of education for my future career, because I thought about this question for a long time and feel a necessity to share my thoughts in the paper.In the beginning of this work it is important to say that my wish to return back to school was dictated by various circumstances. Being honest, I never thought that I would be able to return back to school in my age previously (I’m 35 years old now). It is not an easy decision for me and I understand that my way to knowledge will be full of different problems. In my youth I have never planned to go to college and continue my education after my high school graduation, but situation has changed now and I have grandiose plans to begin new way to knowledge.

Thinking about my past it is necessary to mention that I was not as good student as I wanted to be: I was a responsible person, but I made poor grades in high school; my grammar and punctuation were rather bad and I had some problems with math, for instance. I knew that college was not a good place for me, because it was hard to study some subjects and to finish a high school was a kind of a test for me. There was absence of any kind of motivation to continue my education due to specific conditions of my previous study at high school. I didn’t want to go to school, but situation has changed when I was placed in a Special ED class. It was a good chance for me to overcome learning difficulties and continue my education in the high school because there were 12 children with similar learning disabilities in my class, and special program helped me not only to improve my grades, but also to understand the necessity of education. As I became older and more responsible I realized that to have only high school education is not enough for me and college is an important part of my future life.

I realized that education is a key to success, because only well-educated person has a possibility to find a good job and realize own potential in a full degree. Being an adult person now, I understood that I need to earn a degree to satisfy my Academics and career goal. I have several very important reasons to return to school and continue my education. The first reason is the necessity to attend college and graduate with a degree. The second reason is a wish to develop my own personality, because it will help me to become more confident and well-educated. Observing the primary reason, I would like to mention that nothing can change my wish to become a Health Informatics Specialist. Thus, my further education will help me not only to know more about things around me, but also it will help me to increase my opportunity to make my dream true.

I strongly believe in the necessity of education and I want to continue my education as soon as possible. I want to continue my career in the health field because I am already working in this area and it seems to me that my love to health field and to computer can be united in one integral due to the occupation of my dream. I know that Health Informatics Specialist is the best career for me; the career which will give me a big majority of possibilities, and the matter is not only in the better salary, but in the possibility to achieve self-realization, to be important for people and work for the common good. I need to find my right place in this life and I think that returning back to school is a first step on this difficult way.

Frequently, educational process consists of lessons, lectures, seminars and practical exercise. Many students consider this process rather bore because of their wish to be active and do not ‘loose’ their time studying something, but I have another point of view on this situation. I think that the process of study is something like a walk in the interesting place, where a person can find something new and important, and then share these impressions and findings with others. In my opinion, education is a public good not only in theory, but also in practice.

Frankly speaking, I understand that it will be not an easy process to study again and I have my own attitude to various particular questions, but I should try and prove that I can do it. I like the famous quote of Albert Einstein, who said one day that “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”. It means that people should continue their study throughout the whole life and it looks like one more pluses in my piggy bank of thoughts about returning to school.

In conclusion, as any person I need to know more and it will help me to overcome all difficulties on the way to knowledge. I feel that I’m ready to return to school and become a good student. I think a lot about all advantages and disadvantages of my decision and come to the conclusion that I need exactly returning to school because it will change my life in better side and made me another more self-confident and educated person.