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Research Paper on Computer Technology

Today, computer technology comprises an integral part of human life. As the matter of fact, human life is just unthinkable without computers, which have penetrated practically all spheres of human life. At the same time, the use of computer technology raises heat debate in the society because computer technology has a number of supporters as well as a number of opponents. In this regard, views on computer technology vary consistently from sincere admiration to total repulsion and condemnation. Therefore, computer technology and its impact on society and life of people needs detailed investigation and the study of the development of computer technology can help to understand its effects on the development of society.

On analyzing the development of computer technology and its impact on the society and life of people, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that computers are widely-used in the modern society and people cannot get rid of computer technology without harmful, if not to say disastrous effects on the modern civilization. At the same time, specialists distinguish two opposing views on computer technology. On the one hand, computers are a positive development bringing us many benefits (230). On the other hand, there are people who utterly reject the view that computing tech¬nology is a positive development with many important benefits (230). The controversy of views on computer technology arises from the effects of computer technology on human life and environment.

In fact, computer technology has brought consistent changes in the life of people. At first glance, computer technology facilitates the life of people consistently. Computer technology facilitates the transmission of data and information and allows people to maintain communication worldwide, regardless of their physical location. In addition, computer technology opens wider opportunities for the development of business and employment. Computer technology contributes to the automation of production processes and minimizes the amount of manual labor.

Nevertheless, in spite of obvious benefits of computer technology, it still has a number of opponents, who resemble Luddites struggling against early machines and manufactures in England at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Opponents of computer technology argue that computers cause massive unemployment. The automation of production processes and the replacement of humans by computers is the natural process because organizations do not need to employ people to perform functions, for instance to process information, which computers can do perfectly and correctly. For instance, electronic banking and new accounting systems lead to consistent job cuts in banking and accounting.

Furthermore, computers manufacture needs because they do not meet real needs of people. Opponents of computer technology argue that computers do not meet any real needs because they do not produce any material value. Instead, they create virtual needs, which may be satisfied with the help of computers. To put it in simple words, computer technology cannot feed people literally that makes computer technology vulnerable to severe criticism, although such a view ignores business potential of computer technology, while many companies as well as individuals use computer technology to earn money or to launch their online business.

At the same time, opponents of computer technology argue that computers cause social inequity. In this regard, they are partially right because the accessibility of computer technology and the ability of individuals to use the full potential of computer technology. As a result, people, who have access to computer technology and can use its full potential are in an advantageous position compared to other people, who cannot use or create computer technology.

In addition, opponents of computer technology argue that computers are dehumanizing. In fact, computer technology contributes to the creation of virtual communities and people spend time online or while working on their computers. However, it does not mean that they stop all their social activities and real life relations with other people. They still can go through the process of socialization, regardless of computer technology.

One of the major threats associated with computer technology is the threat of separation of humans from nature and environment. In fact, computer technology has made the world highly technological widening the gap between technological world and nature. However, the industrialization had the same effects and progress of technologies, whether computer or others, will lead to widening gap between people and nature.

Finally, opponents of computer technology argue that computers do little or nothing to solve real human problems. However, this issue is debatable because computer technology helps to solution of numerous problems, for instance, it maintains communication between people regardless of physical distance. Therefore, computer technology can facilitate the life of people and to improve conditions of living but still there is a problem of widening gap between humans and nature.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that computer technology does change the world and human society. However, effects of such change are unclear and need detailed study. Obviously, computer technology has both advantages and disadvantages but it is people, who apply and develop this technology and, therefore, it is people, who are responsible for its effects.

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