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Good Manners in Public Places Essay

In the current essay I will explore the behavior that I have experienced in the shopping. Public behavior is so different and interesting, and some will agree that it is possible to see and watch how people behave, what they do and how they do it. Public behavior can be noble, right or wrong, but all that shapes that society and shows that real people with their manners in public. Public behavior can be described as a relation to the country, to the nation and to yourself.

Street, along with other public places, plays a very important role in our lives and way of life, and, therefore, requires certain things from the educated person. Being in public, any modern civilized man, should be aware of traffic rules and norms of behavior on the street. Being at international shopping mall made the experience unforgettable. There were so many people of different nationalities, in different clothes and with different customs, which made me feel that the world is united, at least by something. For me, it has been very interesting to communicate with people who are sellers, who are visitors of the shopping, who work in a café, etc.

There are many nationalities and also many nuances on how to behave in public. Each person from his native country represents this country and shows the way people behave there. It can be said that public behavior is unforeseen and sometimes unbelievable. For example, for some people to shout in the crowd is considered a bad manner, and for others- it is permitted.

Anyone can control public behavior, that is why it is only possible to take it into consideration and decide for yourself how to behave. People gesticulating, talking loudly and communicating between themselves in a foreign language, can be found in each shopping mall. It is interesting to see the peculiarities of the talks, of the looks and clothes people are wearing.

Also, for some people it is prohibited to wear revealing clothes in public, and as well in the shopping malls. But for others it is a part of the culture to wear what they want and how they want it. Some people also think that it is important to respect others and be as modest as possible, but others do not think so. For example, I was shocked that in the mall one woman was arguing with a seller in her own language that the seller does not know her language and speaks only English. There are people with a strange behavior that make feel ashamed in front of everyone, because of their lack of education. I can say that I was surprised by the behavior in public. People are so different and with different manners, that it seemed there are no countries and borders, and that all people live in a certain balance and equilibrium.

All in all, being in public sometimes can be challenging and public behavior also can be shocking sometimes. After experiencing different situations, after seeing many people talking, arguing, communicating with children, I can say that there are so many people with bad manners and with their own understanding of the situation, that it is difficult to predict further development of the situation and the relation to it.