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Professional Career Depends on Active Operations

Professional career depends on active operations to achieve professional success, it is closely connected with professional growth and development. It’s not just the goal itself, as the movement toward this goal. Professional career is characterized by the fact that people in their working life go through various stages of development: selection of a career path, training, admission to work, professional growth, support for individual professional skills, and so on. It is important to remember that a career does not begin at the time of appointment to any position, but when selecting an area in which you we can apply our skills. Some important qualities that define career success in the professional career are:

  • education
  • systematic and analytic thinking, the ability to predict the development of the situation, anticipate the results;
  • communication skills, skills of effective interpersonal interaction, insight and ability to provide psychological impact and influence on others;
  • high level of self-regulation, the ability to manage emotions, development of self-control;
  • the ability to continually learn and develop, enhance knowledge and develop skills.

The last point is the most important, since professionalism depends on how people learn and acquire new knowledge, develop their abilities and developing new.

Building a professional career is a continuous process that lasts throughout their professional lives. What are the steps a person needs to implement to build his career? The first step is an independent choice of a profession that requires knowledge of individual abilities. The next step is making a personal professional life plan based on abilities and potential constraints. Third step is getting professional education, which has a big impact on the success of person’s self-actualization, career, public recognition of his abilities, material welfare and so on. Furthermore, in today’s world professional knowledge and skills become obsolete very quickly, so the most important today is the willingness and ability to retrain, improve skills. Without this condition, it is impossible to advance in career. That is, the main claim is that developing professional knowledge and abilities affect career success the most.

Let’s consider the example of professional career in the field of translation and interpretation, which can be learned in the American Translators Association. American Translators Association (ATA) is the largest professional association of translators United States (more than 10,000 members in 80 countries), founded in 1959. A member of this organization can become any person interested in translation or interpretation in professional or scientific purposes. Among the members of the American Translators Association are interpreters, translators, teachers, project managers, developers of web sites and software, translation agencies, hospitals, universities and government agencies. ATA offers its members the certification exams in several language pairs, and is affiliated with the International Federation of Translators (FIT). (American Translators Association 2010)

The main objectives of the American Translators Association is to promote and support the professional development of translators and enhance the image of the profession. To achieve these goals, the Association offers many programs and services, including a series of one-day seminars and workshops throughout the year and an annual ATA conference, which are aimed hold educational and training activities on various subjects and languages.

Thus, being a member of the association, the translator can always learn and develop his knowledge, learn new aspects of the profession. It is important that the ATA offers its members regular trainings, seminars and workshops to develop and expand the knowledge and skills of interpreters. That is why membership in the association brings excellent prospects for professional development and growth, and hence the possibility of building a professional career.



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