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How to Reduce Road Accidents Essay

The prevention of the car accidents has become extremely important and accrual in the modern society. Car accident – is an event that arises in the process of on-road vehicle and with its participation, it killes or injures people, damages vehicles, buildings, goods, or suffer a material loss. Traditionally, the list of “dangerous to the health of the driver factors” include: traffic violations, including: drunkenness;
exceeding the speed; talking on a cell phone; failure to use seat belts; the use of a vehicle breakdown; conversation with passengers; smoking at the wheel; eating at the wheel; management of electronic devices (such as radio, CD player, or GPS) during the movement; listening to music; driver fatigue (the driver when extreme fatigue could fall asleep at the wheel), according to You Can Prevent Car Accidents (2008). Preventing car accidents is extremely important in the modern society, as the number of cars is growing and consequently more car accidents occur.

There can be offered certain solutions to prevent car accidents. At first, the drivers have to know how to drive properly. Secondly, they must not be drunk in order to have complete control over the situation. As well, they have to be very attentive while driving, not distracting to their cell phones, conversations and loud music. The drivers have to be experienced and with considerable experience that will respect other people and take responsibility for their actions, according to 10 ways to prevent car accidents (2010).

The situation with the driving license also has to be taken into consideration. Only drivers that can drive without any risk for the society can be permitted to drive. Studies have shown that drivers who drive while listening to music, are more prone to speeding, and often get in an accident, because they are not paying proper attention. Each driver has to remember that the life of a person is the most important thing on the road. If the driver’s thoughts are in order, then he will be able to prevent car accident. Right decisions and proper behavior of the driver can certainly save people’s lives, according to How To Prevent Car Accidents (2010).

Although sometimes environmental factors are responsible for the car accidents, in majority of cases people are guilty of them. For drivers it is important to be mindful of the road rules. Service of the car is also obligatory and important. Not to drink and to drive after that is extremely important, as this can save many lives. According to Tips on How to Prevent Car Accidents (2010), safe driving habits and being alert can help the driver to get more experience and to feel more responsibility for his actions. And also, the ability not to distract from driving is also very important. There are many opinions considering the fact how to prevent car accidents and each driver can choose for himself those points that he thinks he lacks. Being attentive on the road is crucial and life-saving for all, according to How To Avoid a Car Accident (2010).

All in all, all drivers have to remember that people’s lives are in their hands. While writing this essay I have learnt many things considering the issues of the car accidents. Now I understand that the problem is huge and it has to be solved. There have to be taken appropriate measures that will help to avoid car accidents, that will ensure that the drivers are experienced and do not hurt other people when they drive a car.


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