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Stafford Police Department

The subject of this research is Stafford police department that serve more than 35 thousands of local population. The mission of police department, with a little more than 60 employees, is defined in next way – to enhance the quality of life in Stafford community by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the United States Constitution to enforce laws, preserve the peace and provide for a safe environment for all members of our community (Hardin).

To deal with these major goals, Stafford Police Department has special structure and organization that corresponds requirements of serving area.As it was noticed, the entire amount of its employees is 63 officers. This number includes: 1) The Police Chief – he is appointed by city council and major; 2) Assistant Chief – he is a second administrator and takes the Chief’s duty, when last is unavailable; 3) Patrol division supervisor – serves under the command of Assistant Chief; 4) Five Sergeants, who are responsible for different areas – one is the head of Criminal Investigations; second is in charge of Support service; three more are the heads of three different patrol shifts. Generally, this is like the administrative functions are shared in Stafford Police Department.

Talking about the entire structure, the next divisions are included:

  • Patrol;
  • Crime Victims Assistance/Community Services;
  • Communication;
  • Investigations;
  • Traffic Enforcement;
  1. Patrol – this division was established to safeguard all constitutional rights and maintain public order. Except, three mentioned Shift Sergeants this department includes 27 officers, and thee Corporals, who serve as Sergeants assistances. This division is the first to respond any call to police about committed offend. Among other functions, traffic enforcement and investigation assistance worth to be reminded.
  2. Investigations – this division investigates all criminal acts committed in Stafford. It includes noted Sergeant, five detectives and one special narcotics investigator. According to presented stats, in 2009 investigators of Stafford Police Department investigated 832 crimes, not including drug offences (Hardin).
  3. Crime Victims Assistance/Community Services – this division was designed to implement Community Services Programs of 1996, that involve next issues: crisis intervention counseling, education, advocacy, referral, and follow-up checks. In fact, it serves to help people in their rights keeping. It seeks to educate and empower all local residents to resist and repulse crimes. To handle this goal, several classes were established on regular basis.
  4. Communication – this division is responsible for proper connections with citizens. Dispatchers and operators handle all possible incomes to police department, including emergency 911 calls. This divisions serves 24/7 without holidays with only 14 employees in it.

With all said before, there are special positions that are not involved to any of mentioned divisions. For example, this Police Department has three officers, who are responsible for laws enforcement within the area of Stafford Municipal Scholl District. One more employee is provided to municipal court as a Bailiff (Hardin). By summing up all learnt info about specialty positions and general structure of Stafford Police Department, it should be recognized that this public service has rather serious organization for area with only 35 000 of people. In this order, it was pretty interesting to learn about functions’ division inside the department. Special attentionis required to Crime Victims Assistance/Community Services, that is not so traditional for police department as others. The appearance of this division displays tremendous efforts of police in order keeping, with the help of important issue of crimes prevention.


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