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Compare and Contrast Essay | Which Pet is Preferable to Have

In this essay I would like to compare and contrast which pet is preferable to have: pet fish or pet dog. Of course, each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, I would like to consider pet dog characteristics. As a matter of fact, pet dog would be your best friend. You will have an opportunity to play with it any time you want, because, as a rule, it wants to play permanently. Moreover, you will have to go for a walk with it, on the one hand, it is very useful for your health, but on the other hand – you will have to go for a walk with your pet dog twice a day in any weather (cold, windy and so on) and after that wash your dog to prevent dirt on the floor. Of course, you should remember about the fact that in 3 months the dog’s teeth begin appear and, as a result, it chews furniture, wires and everything that comes into its eyes, thus causes a lot of trouble.

Without any doubts, you will not have such difficulties with the pet fish. Your pet fish will just swim into its aquarium and please your eye by its presence. As a fact, many experts consider that pet fish makes you calm and reduces stress. To create for your pet fish a long-life, you just need to feed it regularly and change the water in the aquarium once a month.

It should be noted that also, there is an economic issue. In my opinion, maintenance costs for the dog are much higher than for the fish. If you have a dog – you will have to buy a lead (in some cases even muzzle), bowl for food and water, equip an appropriate place for the dog, if you live in flat or buy (build) the booth if you live in the house and, of course, the issue is considering the food for the pet. To be more precise, it will depend on what breed of pet you decide to have, but in any case, it would be more expensive to feed the dog, rather than to feed the fish.

In case you have decided to have a pet fish, your expensive would be: to buy an aquarium and costs for the fish food. As a fact, fish are fed less frequently than dogs, about once in 2-3 days.

It can be said that in this comparison I did not mention the cost of the pet fish and pet dog. In my opinion, it would not be correct, because there are a lot of kinds of fish and dogs (big, small, fashionable and so on). In this essay I have taken as an example the middle size of the fish and a dog as an example.

To sum it up, I would like to say that if your goal is just buy a friend, then the choice is broad enough. You need only to think about what kind of pet you prefer. If you love to be accompanied by a reliable and loyal creature, and at any moment, ready to rush, to execute your command, then you should take the dog. If you are irritated by the fact that wherever you look, everywhere you see the eyes full of love and devotion, and you prefer restraint in showing love and also love peace, along with the quiet independent nature, then take the fish.