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Persuasive Essay on Sustainable Way of Life

In the current essay I would like to persuade readers to live a sustainable way of life. To respect the environment is extremely important, especially nowadays. More important things have to be taken into consideration in order to provide better conditions for living.

According to What is sustainability? (2011), sustainability is the ability, in the sense of capacity to sustain or support one or more conditions, exhibited by something or someone. It is a characteristic or condition of a process or a system that allows it to stay on some level for a specified period. In recent years, the concept has become a principle according to which the use of natural resources has to satisfy these needs, and can not commit to meeting the needs of future generations, which requires

the linking of sustainability in the long term, a “long term” for an indefinite term. Sustainability, as a whole, should be respected by the society all over the world.

As a fact, the use of the term “sustainability” has spread rapidly, joining the politically correct vocabulary of business, mass media, civil society organizations to the point of becoming a global virtual unanimity. Moreover, the approach to fighting the causes of unsustainability does not seem to move at the same pace, though it may stimulate the production of more or less catastrophic predictions about the future and the warming debate on proposed solutions may be conflicting. Anyway, as happened prior to 1987, developing countries continue to have as a main indicator, economic growth, which translates to increased production or, if looked at upside down, as growth of exploitation of natural resources, according to Sustainable development (2011).

Nowadays, it becomes fashionable in some way to have a sustainable life, living in balance and harmony. Those people who have proper equilibrium in their lives, as a rule, they are successful. All in all, sustainable way of life has to be implemented in the people’s minds in order to prove that this way is the only possible and correct method of living in the modern world.


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