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Personal Vision, Mission and Goals

The personal development affects consistently any individual. An individual cannot feel satisfied with his or her life, if he or she fails to keep progressing. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the experience of Kirschen elementary, which focuses on the development of each students and the primary goal of each student to impact the world. In such a way, the strategic goal of Kirschen elementary is the development of students and the formation of their positive personal development, encouraging them to accept humanistic values and stimulating broad personal development of students.

The personal success is normally extremely important for an individual because it has a significant impact on the life of an individual, his or her self-perception and self-assessment. The personal development planning is crucial for the successful professional development and individual progress. What is meant here is the fact that it is necessary to set a clear and attainable goals which an individual needs to achieve in certain period of time. In such a way, it is possible to ensure a steady personal development and progress of professional career. At any rate, the efficient personal development planning is an essential condition of my successful professional career and, what is more, it is important for the formation of my personal philosophy, my views and beliefs. In fact, the personal development planning inevitably involves important issues which influence my personality. In this regard, at the moment, Kirschen elementary is primarily concerned with students’ education, development of their professional skills and abilities, formation of a positive social experience and overall employment as a sort of reward or logical ending of their study. At the same time, Kirschen elementary is conscious of the fact that, to meet all the goals the school has defined, Kirschen elementary will need to work hard. Nevertheless, Kirschen elementary has already made a considerable personal progress and Kirschen elementary has come prepared to keep progressing but it is important to assess adequately personal progress of students, to define clearly the goals of their personal development and to work out the action plan with the help of which students could have met their personal development goals.

The mission of Kirschen elementary is to educate children and guide them throughout their life to come prepared to the adult life. In this regard, Kirschen elementary focuses on several key issues. First of all, standards-aligned differentiated instructions. In fact, this issue is very important because Kirschen elementary attempts to find individual approach to each student and to elaborate effective strategy that can help each students to realize his or her full potential and hidden talents. The school is very concerned with high standards of education but educators are conscious of the fact that students have different level of cognitive and academic development. Therefore, their mission is to support students and to help them in learning to reach the high aligned standards.

Furthermore, Kirschen elementary focuses on the collegial collaboration and accountability. In fact, teachers working in Kirschen elementary collaborate closely sharing their experience with each other. In actuality, sharing experience of educators is very important because the collaboration of educators contributes to the consistent improvement of the quality of education and effectiveness of teaching. Educators learn to use new, advanced approaches which help them to reach each students and help each students to develop his or her innate inclinations and abilities.

On the other hand, Kirschen elementary pays a lot of attention to the development of modern technologies and the use of modern technologies in the process of education is one of the essential elements of its mission. To put it more precisely, Kirschen elementary focuses on data-driven professional learning and collaboration. In such a way, Kirschen elementary uses the full potential of modern technologies in education maximizing the effectiveness of learning and helping students to use new technologies for learning. The latter is extremely important, taking into consideration the fast development of modern technologies and science. In fact, students should come prepared to the life in the highly technological world and they need to develop new skills and abilities using new technologies. In such a way, Kirschen elementary will facilitate their learning and help them to acquire new skills and abilities using new technologies that will form essential experience in students to try and to use new technologies on their own, without the assistance of educators.

Kirschen elementary focuses on the development of strong relationships with family and community. In fact, an individual cannot live for his or her own benefits solely. Instead, an individual should be helpful. This is why one of the major goals of my personal development is to be useful to my community. In this regard, Kirschen elementary does a lot of efforts. For instance, Kirschen elementary is encouraging volunteer job, Kirschen elementary is tutoring to help children, who cannot afford private education and who have problems in learning.

Furthermore, Kirschen elementary attempts to develop positive interpersonal relations with community members and colleagues. Positive interpersonal relations are the key to Kirschen elementary students’ personal success and positive personal development. Kirschen elementary attempts to prevent conflicts because they are destructive and undermine good interpersonal relations between people. The close collaboration with families and community is one of the basic elements of the mission of the school.

At the same time, the vision of Kirschen elementary focuses on three key directions: teaching practices, leadership practices, and organizational practices. In fact, all of these elements of the vision of Kirschen elementary are crucial for the effective organizational performance as well as personal development of students.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the fact that Kirschen elementary should focus not only on personal but also on professional goals of students. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that another important goal of Kirschen elementary personal development is to take an active part in the life of the local community. In fact, Kirschen elementary attempts to participate in different events that occur in the community. Moreover, Kirschen elementary is eager not only to participate but also to organize events in the community. For instance, recently Kirschen elementary has organized sport competitions, where community members practiced sport and popularized sport to encourage people to practice sport on the regular basis and to make sport a part of their lifestyle.

Furthermore, Kirschen elementary is very concerned with combining the professional success with personal development. In fact, personal development is impossible without professional development. In such a way, students can reach a tremendous success in both professional and personal life. Students can hardly be happy if they have troubles at work or, on the contrary, even the most successful career will be useless for me if they have troubles at home.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the personal development is extremely important in the contemporary society. In this respect, the role of school in the process of personal development of students can hardly be underestimated. In fact, Kirschen elementary focuses on the extensive personal development of students focusing on needs and wants of students and meeting their level of cognitive and academic development. Kirschen elementary focuses on the long-run perspective of students’ development helping students to develop basic skills and to develop their innate inclinations. In such a way, Kirschen elementary attempts to be useful for the community, families, and each student.



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