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Personal Statement

The solid academic foundation is the key pillar for career success. Education provides skills and competence in dealing with real life challenges. Education gives immense pleasure to take a retrospective view of my academic and career track of my recent past to chart the course ahead. During my high school years, Mathematics and Science were my most favourite subjects. Such preferences of mine contributed consistently to my career choice later at the University.

I spent a total of five years at Zayed University (ZU). The first two years involved general and business career courses. The graduation courses in Zayed University consisted of various business subjects such as Business Communications, Leadership, and Management Decision Sciences. While studying at the University, I served as a student council member and, as such, I was the University’s representative at the Student Union.

I chose accounting as my bachelor major because I enjoyed working with numbers. In addition to my interest, my family contributed substantially to my choice. As a language of financial transactions, accounting is powerful to comprehend the intricate connection of numbers and track the flow of funds through the business. As a part of the bachelor program at Zayed University, I had the opportunity to work at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) for two months. ADIA’s core investment strategy is sustainable development of long term investments and focus on the strength of close market analysis. Through this internship, I was able to have a close view of precise long term planning, investments and finance management. The professionalism as a part of the organisational culture has provided me with the experience of immeasurable value.

While studying at Zayed University, I was also working as a management accountant in Al Reyami Group. This came in handy, as I gained great experience in accounting and management. The responsibilities I was charged with included preparing timely reliable management information reports on a monthly basis, holding monthly meetings with management to discuss the monthly report and to take a decision on any action plans required, investigating and following up the budget plan of each year, and assisting in the preparation of future annual budgets and cash flow forecasts. In spite of the work overload that I had, I graduated from Zayed University with 3.50 GPA that was the high rate at our University.

I joined the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in September 2009 for the Master of Business Administration program (MBA). The Master program was well designed to equip the students to take challenging managerial positions in business. The program consisted of interesting and useful lectures, presentations, surveys, interviews and case analyses to gain a wide perspective of the exciting and demanding world of business administration. I took time from most occupational responsibilities to finish the MBA, a decision that proved right as it helped me pass my MBA with honours, attaining a GPA of 3.73 out of 4.00. While pursuing my MBA, I was employed as internal auditor by Abu Dhabi government where I was charged with the following responsibilities: evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls; identifying records or activities to be reviewed; performing audit tests and identify material noncompliance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures; reviewing and analyzing financial transactions, documents, records, and reports to obtain facts and verify their accuracy; preparing work papers to document audit findings as required or as indicated in a formal audit program; and providing recommendations to correct unsatisfactory conditions and to improve operations.

To gain a deeper understanding of practical accounting, I joined a short term course for Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), conducted by Morgan Institute in UAE. This course will end up in May 2012. This certificate would be very important to me in my current job as the internal auditor. I am very keen to gain knowledge in accounting and management. However, I am planning to start my PhD degree in management at one of the best universities in the UK. I believe management education plays a very significant part in the contemporary business environment, which will be beneficial for managing my family business.

The Al Reyami Group (our family business) evolved in the course of fifteen years. The business has started since 1994 and today it includes thirty different business entities, with workforce of over 7000 employees. By participating in the management process, I am preparing myself for taking larger responsibilities in the years to come. As the organization grows larger, management process requires the strength of deep knowledge, careful planning and critical thinking. I consider the PhD program will add a significant strength to the managerial decision making process. Since this program requires strong commitment, I expect to devote full attention to completing the PhD program by the year 2015. This program would be very beneficial for the advancement of our family business due to the research exposure it would offer me.

Education and the strife for knowledge have certainly a beginning but there is no end to them. While living in the information age, every clever person should choose the best way to learn and benefit the most from the learning process.