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Essay About PPE

The main aim of this project is to discuss Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and answer the main questions concerning the topic.First of all it is important to note that various hazards always exist in every working place; they can be found in chemicals, sharp edges, noise or flying sparks (ingress of foreign bodies in eyes or skin), falling objects and a big majority of other potentially dangerous situations. It is a well-known fact that OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) obliges employers to take care of their employees, to protect their physical and mental health from various workplace hazards that can cause harm or injury.

Thinking of a workplace hazard for which PPE is the most common control measure it is necessary to mark out radiological, chemical and mechanical hazards, environment hazards and possible hazards of various working processes. In a case of the above numerated hazards it is possible to emphasize biological contaminants, harmful dust, sources of electricity, light radiation etc.

Observing engineering and administrative controls, it can be said that both of them always need improvement, because there is no limit to perfection. Engineering controls is important to control existed equipment (tools) and/or substituting materials. It becomes understandable that engineering controls are really the ‘first line of defense’, because they help not only to prevent risks, but also to reduce and overcome them, while administrative controls are necessary to manage hazards, to explain workers the necessity of PPE’s use. According to various researches, the only use of administrative controls is less effective than the use of engineering controls, because the last one can both eliminate and reduce hazards, while the first one’s function is limited in reducing option. Finally, the roadblocks on the way of the measures on the hierarchy of controls improvement are quite different, beginning from ordinary carelessness and ending with the lack of PPE.Thus, basing on the above presented information it is possible to conclude that PPE helps not only to protect workers’ health, but also to improve work conditions in the frames of one or other company.