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Parental Discipline or Abuse?

In the current essay I will conduct online research of the topic and review an article about child abuse verses parental discipline. It should be noted that parents have to teach and discipline their children. According to the article The Difference Between Discipline & Child Abuse (2010), “Children need to be given consistent discipline to be taught right from wrong, to be kept safe and to learn what they can and cannot do.” It can be said that it is important to create an orderly, predictable, stable, and fun world to enjoy and grow healthy.

As a fact, some people are convinced that parents do not have to teach discipline, as it all depends on genetics and it can not be changed. Others think that discipline is important and it should be taught. However, some parents can not teach the children properly. They abuse them, humiliate, isolate, and neglect their basic needs. As well, sometimes there are used severe forms of psychological abuse that damage as physical abuse.

I agree that parents have to discipline their children, as only parents are capable to change the situation, not grandparents or nannies. I am convinced that parents have to have sincere desire to help and teach their children, as it will help them in future.

I agree that “Children should not fear their parent, but instead should develop a respect for their parent and the rules and expectations of the household”, according to the article The Difference Between Discipline & Child Abuse (2010). All in all, it is important to ensure that children get proper education and that they are effectively taught the discipline.


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