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Essay About Oral Communication

Oral communication with others is the activity that consists of a certain chain of continuous ‘actions’, such as speaking, listening, perception of the partner in the conversation, reflection, etc. Thus, the main purpose of this project is not only to understand, but also to explain the way how the elements of good talking help people to communicate better.

It is undoubtful fact that good communication skills can help in virtually all human relationships, both in personal life and in business; while unskillful communication is often the cause of disagreement, misunderstanding and conflict in the workplace. More precisely, the problem is the inability to properly express the own intentions. The person who uses the elements of good talking in own practice is able to achieve much more success in business conversations, because all people like to communicate with adequate interlocutors who are able to present their thoughts and ideas in easy and interesting form. Good manners and excellent communication skills make the person interesting to others. For instance, according to Greene & Burleson (2003), the excellent conversationalists always remember that any good conversation is a kind of two-way process, thus, this process gives both interlocutors a possibility not only to express own ideas, but also to listen to the ideas of others.

Analyzing the way how the elements of good talking help people to communicate with others in more efficient way, we can state that the use of proper language, tone, images and intonations will help the listener to be involved in the conversation, to think about presented facts and become more disposed to the person who presents them. In addition, being respectful to others in the process of communication, the person has much more opportunities to ‘get on’ better with people, because respecting the words and actions of others the person receives the same respect in response.

Thus, taking everything into consideration it is possible to conclude that for the purpose to communicate better the person should apply into own practice the elements of good talking, which makes the words more interesting, meaningful and understandable to interlocutors.


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