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Opinion Paper on Uncooperative Victims

In their practice, the procurators often face some of the challenges when working with uncooperative victims. Therefore, the procurators have to prepare themselves to show a high level of patience and tolerance towards the uncooperative victims. It is necessary to remember that the procurators’ major responsibilities are to detect and investigate crime scenes no matter how it is difficult or what uncomfortable conditions can exist.
Thus, this paper introduces, discusses, and observes the information on some of the challenges that prosecutors face when working with the uncooperative victims.
To start with, it is possible to say that the victims can be uncooperative for a huge number of different reasons. For instance, the victims can be embarrassed by their behavior during the perpetration of the offence or maybe they have participated in some criminal act when the crime perpetrated.

According to Ellison (2002), “Cases without a corporative victim were classified as “unprosecutable” and “unwinnable” (p. 834).

Talking about the challenges that prosecutors face when working with uncooperative victims, it can be mentioned that the most invisible problems the prosecutor can face are the problems associated with the fact that he/she is forced to search more evidence and really has no idea where to seek for these evidences without the victims’ help.
To sum up the above-stated information into account, it is possible to say that the major keys to deal with the uncooperative victims are to make any efforts to collaborate with them properly, to explain to them that people, who refuse to cooperate with the investigation or to become familiar with the case, mostly become the victims of crime, and to protect the individuals’ rights.


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