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Cloning Advantages and Disadvantages Essay


Cloning is the last thing one should do, if it goes about the health or death. The God has made us as we are. We should not change our nature and go against it. We should not play the role of God and he is the only one who can decide. Cloning creates so many questions among the scientists. There is still a great deal of issues that have to be cleared out as for the cloning. Hardly there is a reason that can be a sufficient proof for creating the real clone.

What May Be the Circumstances So You Could Decide to Be Cloned?

There are some reasons while people make the decision to get their clones. Though, it is impossible to imagine the reasons that may cause a person to resort to the cloning as the only way out from the present situation. For instance, if you are deathly ill and you need transportation of some organs, but you still want to live; if your child is ill and you for certain want to save his/her life or in some other reason, this is not the way out as you cannot be certain that you will receive what you want. It is like people want to imagine themselves in the role of God, but that cannot be true. You are not and you cannot decide whether to live or not (Gail H. Javitt, 2005). Cloning is not a natural process. Generally speaking, there is no way that I would like to be cloned. Every person is unique and there is no circumstance that could influence this fact. Playing God is not the way people should act.


People should choose whether they want to be cloned or not. But for the moment, there is no reason that will make me make such choice. People should stay people no matter what. We are not the God and we have no right to decide who is to die or live. Cloning is the question that is subject to many disputes.It depends on every person whether he/she wants to be cloned or not. But personally I am totally against cloning as it is only the attempt to be God. We should not raise the questions that we do not understand.


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