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Narrative Essay on Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was one of the prominent boxer in history of boxing. However, he was one of the most controversial figures in the history of this sport. The rise of his career was prompt and miraculous. He started hard training to become the great champion. He was a gifted, young boxer, although he had a difficult past because he was a deviant juvenile. Boxing became his salvation but, as it turned out later, this sport also became his curse. Many specialists agreed that he would be the great champion, at the dawn of his professional career. His early fights proved those great expectations. He defeated his rivals easily. Just a few of his early opponents, who were much more experienced, could stand for more than three rounds.

However, as he matured as a boxer, his opponents became stronger and more dangerous. Nevertheless, he just smashed his opponents down, regardless of their titles, experience, skills and reputation. He became the great attraction for the audience and many TV companies, including such behemoths as HBO and ShowTime were eager to contract Mike Tyson. He kept progressing fast till he gained his first championship title in 1986 at the age of 22.

Unfortunately, his professional career had started to fall down even faster than it had risen. He was undisputable champion for about three year until his unexpected defeat in 1990 from an unknown boxer, J.M. Douglas. This was the first sign of serious problems, which Mike had but these problems were rather psychological than physical because he still was the same physically. The early 1990s were marked by the rape scandal, which actually put the end to the glorious career of Mike Tyson. Mike was accused of rape and was sentenced to term in prison that put the end to his championship. This was the blow beyond the ring that Mike had never recovered. Remarkably, the blow was made behind the ring but all his efforts of comeback had failed.