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Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology

I am interested to get Masters degree in Cancer Immunology and biotechnology to get a specialised knowledge in tumour immunology. My special interest to this course is due to the following factors.

Biotechnology is the discipline that today defines the scientific and technical progress. In the early 21th century this discipline shows the most important and significant achievements and results both in medicine and science in general. Therefore, this trend is particularly important and interesting to modern science, due to the huge potential and opportunities. The results of its development are urgently needed to improve the quality of life of people.

Biotechnology is an integrated science that defines the scientific and technological progress, it is also the discipline that combines fundamental and applied science. That is why specialists in this field are very important for modern science and medicine in particular. From all the said above it is possible to conclude that young specialists are very important to continue and develop the research and studies in that sphere.

For me as a young medical specialist education in the field of Cancer Immunology and biotechnology is very interesting and important. First of all because biotechnology makes today an important step in the development of drugs for the treatment of many types of cancer and helps to improve the length and quality of life of patients. That is why I want to get education and knowledge in this specialty, because I believe that in future will be able to work and make contribution to cancer immunology and therapy. I’m interested in learning about cancer immunotherapy, as this sphere of medicine I find important and want to work in.

I believe that my current education and bachelors degree in medicine, which I got in Institute of Medicine (2002-2008) is a good ground for further education. Also I want to point out my certificate in Basic biostatistics and applied biostatistics for public health . I have work experience as intern in Thingyankyun general hospital and South okkalapa women and children hospital (December 2006 – December 2007), which proved my good skills in medicine. I showed good results both while studying at the institute in theoretical knowledge of medicine, and good practical skills. Especially I want to emphasize my interest in science and interest to carry out a research project in the field of tumour immunology.

I hope to become a worthy candidate for this program, and I hope that my knowledge and skills will help me become an excellent student and good specialist in the future.