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Mexican Cartel Branches in U.S.

Nowadays Mexico is a principal foreign supplier of marijuana and cocaine, as well as a major supplier of methamphetamine to the United States. Mexican drug cartels account for a small share of heroin production in the world, but, observing statistical data in the United States, it is possible to say that Mexico supplies a large share exactly of heroin there. According to the last estimations, almost 90% of cocaine enters the country through Mexican border. Both countries, Mexico and the United States, according to various reports, are negotiating a new specific counternarcotics initiative which should help to control and lessen the quantity of Mexican cartel branches in the United States. Thus, it is necessary to observe this topic with more details in the body of this paper.

As it was previously said Mexican drug cartels dominate American drug market nowadays. Although Mexican drug cartels are engaged in drug trafficking for decades, they have become more powerful since the collapse of Colombian cartels had a place in the 1990s. Mexican government is worried about the future of own country, because drug violence became a big threat to the Mexican state, while the United States are interested in own destiny and fight for control of the drug trafficking into the country.

Mexican drug cartels have full control over transportation and sale of drugs in the U.S., moreover, Mexican drug cartels were able to take full control of the entire supply chain and distribution of drugs throughout the U.S., eliminating resellers. It makes much complicated the work of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP); first of all, it affected tracking of the drug smugglers routes of movement. On the basis of confidential information, Mexican drug cartels, which currently overgrew into the transnational cartels, exercise general supervision by drug traffickers in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Experts estimate that annually through Mexican territory to the United States, Europe and Asia being transferred drugs worth up to $ 40 billion. As a result U.S. authorities have warned that Mexican cartels consolidate control over drug markets in U.S.Mexican cartel branches try to develop their system of drug distribution in the United States and the scales of such inroads make the government to implement strict measures for the purpose of to control the process. In recent years, the work of Mexican drug cartels that control the supply of drug potions, all across the state, has become a serious threat to the U.S. national security. The fight with organized crime and drug trafficking must combine the efforts of all governments, as one country can not defeat this evil alone.

Dwelling on one state with more details, we can mention that North Carolina has a lot of problems with various drug inroads into its territory. Nowadays the Mexican cartels are giving big amounts of heroin there and the city Charlotte that is located in North Carolina is considered to be one of the main distribution centers for black tar heroin imported from Mexico’s fields. The quantity of drug is really great in the city and its price is something about $12.50 a dose.

Time passes and the number of drug abused people increases quickly year in year out in North Carolina. New patients everyday become drug addicted and almost 15-20 new patients are seeking the treatment for heroin addiction daily in The McCleod Addictive Disease Center in Charlotte. These numbers of new patients are great because there were only 7-8 patients daily in 2008, and these numbers have increased to 15-20 patients a day in 2011.Drug cartels present a big threat to the United States but their scales of development grew quickly because the major cartels decided to unite their forces and they have formed different alliances with one another for the purpose of to increase their influence and occupy much more territories in different states.

At the end of the paper it is necessary to say that it is surprisingly, but even drug cartels have their own enemies. These enemies are business rivals and adversaries. Those cartels that have failed their attempts to divide the zone of influence between each other are business rivals, while adversaries are politicians who are constantly trying to fight corruption and drug trafficking in their country. Politicians are enemies number one for Mexican cartels, while the enemies number two are people who do not want to take drugs and promoting such negative attitude to drugs to the masses. Praise and honor for such people, in fact they are the greatest threat to the drug cartels because the more people hate drugs, the less revenue will receive the drug lords.

In conclusion, we have observed existed situation with drugs in the United States and show an example of Mexican cartels’ inroads to North Carolina. Our nation needs healthy future and only people who will understand this can unite their efforts and stop drug inroads into the country.