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Memory is a complex mental process, the brain’s ability to store and reproduce information. All people are born with the ability to remember various events, but human memory is not only the ability to memorize, but also the ability to forget useless. Both processes of remembering and forgetting are often beyond our control. We hear a big amount of information during our life, and it is impossible to remember everything. Thus, it is important to identify and explain a recent situation in which I forgot very important thing.

First of all it is necessary to mention that my memory lapse was connected with very important date. It is a shame to say but I forgot about my sister’s birthday. I was in stress during the last several months and it was the main reason of my memory lapse. I forgot to congratulate my sister with her birthday and it caused a lot of problems for me. The above described situation from my life experience showed me that forgetting is an alarming experience, which evokes a feeling of despair.

Explaining my memory collapse, it becomes obvious that forgetting has a place in long-term memory and this may be either due to the destruction of the track, or replacement of other information related to initial or primary information crosses, or emotionally more brightly colored. Physiologically, forgetting is caused by certain types of cortical inhibition which adversely affect the temporary neural connections. In my case exactly stress factors around me caused forgetting of information.

According to various theories, it is possible to say that my memory collapse was also caused by several reasons. For instance, according to McGraw-Hill (20110, the theory of decay presents forgetting as the result of extinction or weakening of memory trace, while, according to the theories of interference, forgetting is the result of applying the later information on the previous one, making it less possible to extract the last trace of memory. In such a way, I forgot very important date because I found new friend, who has his birthday the day before my sister has, and this kind of new information changed existed one in such a strange way; new information interferes with the old one. In addition, the theory of decay shows that information that has not been long in demand is being eroded.

There is no doubt that it is possible to avoid forgetting in different ways, because good use of memory implies the possibility to memorize the information in the desired time. For instance, it is necessary to know that memorizing is an active process that always requires some effort. The best advice in memorizing is to keep a track of sense and use emotions during the process of memorizing. Scientists have shown that meaningful memorization is more efficient than mechanical. A person needs to understand the relationship between facts and events (or invent it) for the purpose of to remember something in more efficient way.

Thus, taking everything into consideration it is possible to conclude that a recent situation from my life experience in which I forgot very important to me date was discussed with all necessary details in this project.


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