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Memorandums and Email Messages Differences

Like any creation of human mind, the letter has a corresponding structure, including certain parts. In business, an official letter includes more specific structures, while, in personal communication, informal letter may be written in more free way. There is no doubt that memorandums and email messages have many differences in their structure. Thus, the main aim of this paper is to discuss these differences and explain the necessity of their use in certain circumstances.

Comparing memorandums and email messages, it is necessary to mention that memorandum is typically used within a company or project team for the purpose of to remind people about something important. In other words, memorandum, unlike a business letter, is less formal and usually shorter. It is usually does not include salutation and final wishes.

Memorandum has a specific format, while email message may be written in other form. For instance, a person should strictly adhere to a particular scheme when writing a business email message. In this case the structure of the e-mail includes: theme; greeting; reflection of the purpose of writing; content (sentences, explanations, questions, etc.); farewell; signature with contact information; link to the website (if any); logo (if desired). In contrast to memorandum, where information is often reminded to people, business email should be as concise as possible. The text should be written only on business, without deviating from the topic. It is better that the proposals would be short. In addition, the tone of the email message is a cross between a tone of business letters and phone calls, while the tone of memorandums is more informal, because it helps to solve problems in more effective ways. Typically, memorandum informs about changes or proposes to take part in anything, while email messages usually only give information about something.

Thus, we have discussed memorandums and email messages in this project and presented the ways of their better use in organizational communication.


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