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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan to increase Special K is very important for the maintenance of the competitive position of Kellogg’s in the market because the company has to develop the customer loyalty to the brand and attract the target customer group, whereas Special K focuses on women, which may comprise a larger part of all the customers consuming Kellogg’s products. In this regard, the company should focus on the development of effective marketing plan for Special K and its marketing strategy.

In fact, the first step in the improvement of the position of Special K in the market is the development of the new, healthy product to attract women. What is meant here is the fact that Special K should be healthy and have a positive impact on the physical condition of women consuming this product on the regular basis. Therefore, developers of the product should focus on ingredients which do not provoke the overweight and keep consumers in good physical shape. The orientation of the product on the health of consumers is crucial for the overall success of the product, taking into consideration growing concerns of consumers with their health, whereas women are particularly concerned with the problem of overweight.

The second step is the creation of new, attractive packaging stressing the positive effect of Special K on the health of women. The packaging should catch the attention of consumers and show advantages of the product. In this regard, the package should illustrate positive effects of consuming Special K on the health of women. At this point, the image of a celebrity may be very useful to attract the attention of consumers and to show the ideal vision of their physical shape which they will associate with the celebrity on the package.

Furthermore, offering diet recommendations along with new packages of Special K will make the product more attractive to consumers. However, it is important to change recommendations and to offer consumers something new. Otherwise, this measure will have little positive effect in a long-run perspective.

The third step is developing an attractive but simple slogan like Special K makes you special, or Special K and your weight’s OK or something like that. The use of simple but attractive slogan will help the company to convey the clear message to the audience that Special K is the right product to choose. As a result, customers will be attracted to the product.

At the same time, the company should focus on the promotion of its product. The promotional campaign should be conducted before the introduction of the new Special K and keep the audience in suspense, postponing the revelation of the new product until the last moment before its introduction in the market. The promotional campaign should be carefully planned and well-prepared. In this regard, the company should focus on the use of female-oriented media, such as special TV show, fashion magazines and others. In such a way, the company will reach the target customer group faster and more effectively compared to using other media. In addition, the use of internet may be also very helpful to reach the target audience.

Furthermore, the celebrity endorsement, involving a famous movies star or pop singer can help to promote Special K. In fact, consumers will follow the lead of the celebrity and they will start buying the product just because the celebrity promotes this product. Women will associate the product with the celebrity and, at the subconscious level, they will consume Special K to be in the excellent from the celebrity is.

Finally, flexible pricing policies, including discounts to attract customers, may help the company to advance Special K in the market successfully. The company can outpace its rivals offering Special K at lower price and stressing its positive effect on the health of consumers. In such a way, the product can reach considerable success in the market.

At the same time, the company should focus on the control of the implementation of the plan to reveal any difficulties in its implementation or changes in the business environment. In such a way, the company will be able to introduce changes in the plan and its marketing policies, if necessary.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning of the product is extremely important in the contemporary business environment. The aforementioned plan implies the orientation of Special K on female consumers, which was the traditional target customer group of Special K. In this regard, the positioning and segmentation of the product was developed specifically in the context of its target customer group to meet needs and wants of customers. Today, women are concerned with their health. Therefore, positioning of Special K as a healthy product is correct. The involvement of celebrity will attract customers because celebrity can influence consumer behaviour. The quality of product and its packaging are essential for attraction of customers, whereas flexible pricing policies will meet the buying power of consumers.

In the contemporary business environment, branding plays the curial role in the marketing success of Kellogg’s as well as other companies. The bran comprise an important part of the marketing value of the company. Kellogg’s has proved to be particularly successful in the development and maintenance of its brand popular in the course of its history. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish several success factors that contributed to the popularity of Kellogg’s brand.

First of all, the brand of the company is recognizable. The company did not change the brand much throughout its history and any modification and changes that occurred to the brand were introduced in such a way that the main, typical features of the brand were still recognizable. In such a way, the brand did not change but it rather evolved preserving the most successful features, if its previous versions and incorporating new ones, which were even more successful.

Furthermore, the company maintained its brand through the regular promotion of the brand in mass media. In this regard, the use of television has proved to be particularly important because television made the brand recognizable, whereas many consumers have remembered the brand since their childhood. As a result, today, they maintain their devotedness to the brand because they associate the brand with the product they adored in their childhood.

In addition, the brand is constantly progressing, whereas the company is expanding its markets. In such a situation, the company maintains the high quality of its products that makes it not only attractive to consumers but also it makes consumers confident in the high quality of the product. As a result, they buy the Kellogg’s product and have the high degree of confidence in the brand.