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Marketing: Bigger is Better

It is a well-known fact that in the commercial production the bigger means always the better. To prove this statement let’s examine the Truck Nuts (pickup trucks’ and other vehicles’ accessories, also known as the truck balls or BumperNuts). So, truck nuts are a so called statement by the car or a truck, and they may hang on the ATV and on the bike as well. Truck nuts hang under the car’s bumper area, being conspicuous to those who are viewing the car from the rear. What do people need them for? The answer is that they need them simply to boast or to amuse the others. Hence, the product is rather popular nowadays. However, people are used to them. That’s why, another product- the “Try Me, Mega-size Nuts”, have been launched. They are common to the simple truck nuts, but they have 3 main differences: 1) size as they are 3 times bigger than the truck that makes you feel important and influential; 2) the material as they are made of delicious Belgium chocolate, so beloved by children; and 3) the usage as you can eat them whenever you would like. You would ask, “where should I storage such a thing and what for do I need it?”

“Try Me, Mega-size Nuts” are special family gifts designed to make the celebration of every special occasion tastier and to surprise everybody. Just imagine the eyes of your children or guests when you show them such a thing. The success is guaranteed.

The storage of “Try Me, Mega-size Nuts” is rather easy as they can simply hang in your garden. Being packed they can “exist” in any place but once unpacked you will have to divide them and to give them to your family. However, don’t worry, everyone will definitely love them.

Finally, it should be also mentioned that all participants of the celebration will be not only shocked but they won’t forget this day ever. So, get the “Try Me, Mega-size Nuts” and be remembered.