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Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I voted for you on the last Presidential elections and I was exceedingly happy, when you were elected the President of the United States and so did many of my friends and my family. We had great expectations concerning your Presidency and policies we expected you to conduct. We relied heavily on the promises you have made in the course of your Presidential campaign. However, today, I and many of my friends feel disappointed and frustrated. Nevertheless, I expected that after your election the fiscal policy will change consistently. Instead, your fiscal policy failed to ease pressure on small business, such as mine.

In such a situation, I can hardly afford my education. You promised to implement new educational programs and new approaches to education system to provide all students with larger opportunities to get access to the higher education. However, any improvements are hardly effective because I still have little opportunities to study in summer because summer class offers are not available to me, while I expected that my college will offer such an opportunity for students. Instead, college classes were cut nationwide.

You have promised the fast recovery after the economic recession but I have not noticed substantial improvements and steady signs of economic recovery yet. For instance, when I attempt to obtain a loan from a bank, I failed because the bank I used to work with had run bankrupt, whereas others had proved to be unable or unwilling to borrow me money, although I need money badly at the moment. In fact, I have problems with loaning money and suffer from the tax pressure and so do our economy and other small and medium size businesses.

Furthermore, I grow more and more conscious about our health care system. You suggested the health care reform, which costs billions of dollars but which positive outcomes are still uncertain. In fact, I agree that our health care system was imperfect but, at least, it granted the majority of the population with the possibility to have health care insurance and receive health care services of the high quality. Today, costs of health care services keep growing, while you suggest to increase the role of the state in the national health care system. I am not a pessimist, but I am always very skeptical about state support, which I experienced so little in my life. Instead, I am accustomed to count on myself and I believe the health care reform could more efficient. Probably those billions of dollars you suppose to spend on the health care reform could be spent more efficiently to decrease costs of health care services or to make them available to a larger number of Americans.

Finally, I would like you about your promise to put the end to the war in Afghanistan. I know a person, whose son was injured severely in Afghanistan because you had failed to fulfill this promise too. I do not think Afghani need our soldiers their neither our soldiers are willing to be there.

Nevertheless, I still believe that you are a responsible man, who can keep his word. I hope you will improve fiscal policies to facilitate the economic recovery and stimulate business development, reform the national health care system and return our soldiers from Afghanistan back home.

Sincerely yours ….