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British and American English

Language is a complex system, which has a variety of genres and modalities, which may be defined as corpora. In this respect, it is possible to distinguish British English and American English, which seem to be one and the same English but still they are quite different. The difference can be traced in different aspects of language, including spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. Nevertheless, both British and American English use English as the basis for the development of specific English British or American respectively. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the difference between American and British English results from the difference in the development of Britain and America because people living in Britain and America are separated and live in their own community that contributes to the formation of their specific language modalities, dialects, accents and other aspects of language, which make British English distinct from American one. In fact, each community has its own specific language, which is different from the language of other communities. This language mirrors specificities of the community or nation in broader terms. In such a context, American English is the branch of English that developed in the US, whereas British English is the branch of English that developed in the UK. The difference emerged naturally because language is a dynamic system, vulnerable to changes and evolution. Naturally, being separated physically, people in the US and Britain developed different modalities of English language. Hence, numerous differences emerged, such as the difference in spelling, such as colour in British English and color American one.

Thus, British English and American English are just a sample of numerous corpora that exist.


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