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Juvenile Justice and Delinquency – Intermediate sanctions

There are many kinds of intermediate sanctions and it is necessary to talk about boot camps in this project.

Boot camp is a centre for juvenile offenders and it has a short-term prison program with rather strict disciplinary regime, very hard physical exercise; and it also includes community labor programs. The life in boot camps is similar to military basic training for young criminals, but not all young criminal offenders can be punished in such a way. Most programs in boot camps require its participants to sign a voluntary agreement, and only criminals who did not commit violent crimes have an opportunity to participate in different programs in boot camps.

Criminals are given information about the difference between the regime in a traditional prison and a boot-camp-prison for the purpose of to show them that their life may be much harder in a traditional prison, and it is better to revalue own deeds and thoughts, and stop to commit crimes in future exactly right now.

Boot camps, at the beginning of their functioning, focused on discipline and very hard work, but nowadays they also include treatment and education programs which may help young criminal offenders to overcome various difficulties on their way and change their life for ever, to develop strong muscles and character.

Thus, taking everything into consideration it is possible to say in conclusion that boot camps are a good alternative for troubled teens, because it is better to participate in short-term prison program than to be sentenced for many years in real prison. Boot camps help to change young minds into better side, give young people opportunity to feel the difference between their previous and present life and make right conclusions on future.



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