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Juvenile Delinquency and Video Games

In the current essay I would like to consider the problem of violent video games in the aspect of juvenile delinquency. As a fact, most of their time children spend if front of the computer monitors and devote their time to playing violent video games. Consequently, arises the question: how does such situation is reflected on the psyche of the child? Of course, this is a debate question and there are a lot of opinions concerning this issue. THESIS: However, in my opinion, violent video games lead to increase number of juvenile delinquency.

It should be noted that in their passion to video games, children prefer to play in violent video games with a lot of blood and aggression. So, why do children prefer not innocent logical games, but those in which there are uncovered violence, cruelty, murder and other activities related to the destruction and degradation? According to Anne Harding (2008), it can be said that these games give the child opportunity to feel power. Violent video games can be characterized by feelings of superiority and omnipotence. As a rule, children do not have an opportunity to experience such feelings in the real world, where everyone is stronger than they are (parents, teachers, seniors and so on). In turn, violent video games give the child a possibility to immerse in the game, where he plays a role of powerful or almighty hero, and this is a chance to take revenge. Unfortunately, often teenager loses touch with reality and begins to throw out all his anger on the streets.

According to Andrea Norcia (2010), over the past 30 years, leading institutions and experts in the field of psychiatry conducted over 1000 studies that encountered that exists firm connection between violence on TV or computer and juvenile delinquency. The results of the studies showed that violent programs or violent video games can lead to the emergence of aggressive feelings, reactions and inappropriate behavior of children. Moreover, the child that reviewing abusing surveillance of violent scenes, as a rule, becomes numb to violence in real life.

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