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Juvenile Delinquency – Community Youth Programs

My community is Washington County and I am proud to say that there are many youth programs here. I would love to start with the most popular and well-known youth program – Washington County 4-H clubs. These clubs comprise of young people, ages 5-18. They are doing learning activities in groups or individually. There are community clubs and particular interest clubs. In the clubs, the program encompasses all interests like natural resources, community service, recycling. And if children have certain interests, they are welcome to consider a special interest club. Everything here circles around specific interest of a child. It should be mentioned that meeting locations and times for different clubs can vary.

Another youth organization is The Clark County Youth House (Youth House, clark.wa.gov). This is more like youth empowerment center. Young people here are sure that the more assets they have, the larger the chance they are to grow and be healthy and creative. The programs of Youth House try to increase the quantity of assets among every young girl or boy involved. Children ages 11-19 provide a youth-oriented point of view to the job of community organizations.

There is one more interesting youth program in my community. It is called We The Youth (We The Youth Program, awarenesswashingtoncounty.org) and it is a program of awareness. This is a well-known leadership program devoted to strengthening Washington County by developing leaders. Every person has the leadership potential. Young people have that potential and this program helps youth to express it. We the Youth has already prepared more than three hundred young people for servant leadership. In cooperation with the school systems, students are allowed to participate in this program. We The Youth offers this opportunity to a limited number of students every year, so it is essential that each student participate fully and complete the program.

This is really amazing that the government supports many different youth programs to make certain that all young people have the necessary skills and knowledge to productively make the transition to adulthood.

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