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Justice Administration

How will you deal with the challenges addressed in the research recommendations?

It is known that leadership plays an important role in any organization including criminal justice ones. In order to be an effective leader of criminal justice administration, it is necessary not only to understand the nature of leadership, but also to be aware of certain cultural differences with respect to leadership. Moreover, an effective leader should integrate and apply his knowledge to cross-cultural leadership in criminal justice administration.

As my goal in this paper is to act as the head of the criminal justice administration of the State of Minnesota, which has a diversity of American Indian tribes and a substantial American Indian population, I will try to use my leadership skills and appropriate knowledge in order to cope with the task given in this assignment. It is necessary to study a set of recommendations represented in the report by Tracy Becker, the researcher with the American Indian Policy Center in St. Paul, MN. My major goal is to discuss how I’ll deal with the challenges addressed in the research recommendations. Moreover, I will discuss implementation of change to a criminal justice organization.


As there are many useful recommendations in the report, I will try to find appropriate ways which will help me to deal with the challenges addressed in the research recommendations.First of all, the workforce in the criminal justice organization should consist of the representatives of American Indian communities who live in the State of Minnesota. It is necessary for successful implementation of change to our criminal justice organization. It is clear that American Indians should obey the laws of the state as well as the other citizens of the USA. That is why American Indians should control the criminal situation in the state. In order to avoid some problems connected with this fact, it is necessary to hire American Indians to take positions at different levels of the criminal justice system. The young people should be trained in a proper way. That is why it is very important to create special training centers for those young American Indians who are ready to connect their lives with law enforcement, to defend all the citizens of the country, to fight against those criminals who violate law. (Becker, 1997, para.2) Secondly, I will try to make everything possible to support revitalization of the native language, traditions and culture of American Indian community. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to create special educational programs for the American Indian youth. It will help to control criminal situation in the state. Special attention should be paid to those American Indian community members who have already had some problems with the law. Thirdly, it is very important to address some social and environmental factors which can influence the involvement of American Indian young people into the criminal justice system. That is why it is necessary to change social and living conditions of all the members of the community and to eliminate inequalities in the criminal justice system. (Becker, 1997, para.5)


As culture and traditions have always been key concepts for American Indian community members, there are certain differences between American Indian leadership and the US Governance which should be taken into consideration by the head of the criminal justice administration. The information concerning traditional American Indian leadership will help to avoid some serious cultural misunderstandings and “to illuminate the differences between American Indian and European-American traditions”. Moreover, this information is vital for further development of special policies and programs for American Indians. As the head of the criminal justice administration, I should pay special attention to cross-cultural communication because culture and language play a significant role in the development of our society. In order to reduce the crime rate throughout the state and to be aware of all the events that take place in American Indian community, it is very important for the head of the criminal justice administration to focus on cultural differences between American Indian leadership and US Governance.(Evans, 2011, para.2)

Some important conclusions

As the head of the criminal justice administration I should cooperate with American Indian elders who keep their traditions and who take an active part in tribal government decision-making process. Close cooperation and regular negotiations with American Indian leaders will give the opportunity to improve criminal situation in the state, to arrest those who violate the law and to implement special programs for young American Indians which have the major goal – to reduce the crime rate throughout the state. Moreover, it will help to prevent discrimination actions with regard to American Indians. It is known that some non-Indians treat American Indian community members rather ill. That is why it is very important to explain such aggressive citizens of the United States that American Indians have their own culture and traditions which deserve respect. Of course, it is necessary to use certain sanctions which will change such a negative relation to American Indian community members. (Michelson, 2006, para.7)


As the head of the criminal justice administration of the state of Minnesota, I am going to implement some serious changes to the criminal justice organizations. Some profound changes will take place in philosophy of corrections, in models of sentencing and, of course, in implementation of new policies with regard to American Indian community members who live in the state of Minnesota. Special attention will be paid to the change in the workforce. Criminal justice workforce will be represented by the diversity of tribes and Indian communities who live in Minnesota. Special recruitment plan will be designed by the criminal justice administration in order to promote training and hiring of American Indians. They should work at all sectors of the criminal justice system of Minnesota. Moreover, the criminal justice personal will be trained to work with American Indian population. It is necessary to develop special curriculum which will include history and language, some important ceremonial practices of American Indians, laws and policies. One more important thing is that the criminal justice administration will provide support for American Indians involvement not only in political activity but also in policy development. Special discussion groups will be organized in order to educate Indian community members concerning political process, criminal situation in the state, and other important issues.


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