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Model of Buyer Behavior

It is known that the buyers behavior plays an important role in the process of purchase. According to the numerous researches, any buyer takes part in the decision-making process which consists of several parts, or stages. These parts create a model of buyer behavior.(Buyer Behavior, 2010, para.2)

Fig.1 Model of Buyer Behavior

It is clear that the buyers pass through all the stages mentioned above. However, if the purchase is a routine one, the buyer can easily skip some stages. For example, I need to make a purchase – a product/service. I have chosen the sphere of ethics training and courses as a service. Global Ethics University is a provider of such services. I will take the course Understanding Conflict of Interest. First of all, I should recognize the need of this product/service: I want to learn how to deal with different conflicts of interest in the workplace. It will help me in my future work. Then, I will search and evaluate information concerning this course. I will find the site of Global Ethics University where I will be able to learn more about this course (including the price and length of this course). I evaluate this information: $49 price and 2 hours length suit me fine. The stage of purchase denoted that I have made my decision. In the stage of post-purchase evaluation, I realize that my decision was right. This course offered by a well-known Global Ethics University will help me to perform my duties better and to behave in a proper way.

Psychological factor is one of the factors that influence buyer’s behavior. It include perception, memory, motivation, learning and personality. In the above mentioned case, I used all these psychological variables in order to make purchase.


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