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Business Skills


It is common knowledge that business skills are important virtually for every person, regardless of the profession, position and giftedness of an individual. However, the very concept of business skills can be understood in a variety of ways. A great advantage of the course “Introduction to Business” is its overview of crucial business skills and training of these skills. During this course I have identified important business skills such as critical thinking, communication abilities, research skills, initiative and leadership. Moreover, after this course I realized own strengths and weaknesses, and found several areas for improvement. Leadership and communication skills trained during this course are likely to enhance my success both in the learning process and in work environment.


This course, “Introduction to Business”, has greatly helped me to realize what exactly qualities are needed to successfully operate in business environment. Before this course I did not realize the importance of some of these qualities, such as time management or leadership, and did not associate these qualities with business skills at all.

Now I have a vision of key competencies that are important for my future success, and realize what I can do to improve my leadership qualities. With the help of this course I managed to realize that an efficient business person should have strong leadership qualities, even if he or she does not occupy managerial position. Five practices of exemplary leaders – model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart – totally changed my perception of leadership.

Before this course, I believed that leadership was something innate, and people who were not so lucky to be born as leaders had to choose occupations without need for leadership skills. I have learned that leadership skills are needed everywhere in business, and that by adopting best leadership practices one can train own abilities in this sphere. This is what I lacked in many situations at work, during studying and in personal life.

While doing the exercises in the student tutorial, I have noticed that such steps as “enable others to act:” and “challenge the process” appeared to be the most difficult for me. Also, I have found out that my favorite management style is democratic, and the weak point is that I applied it everywhere. During the training I have learned how to take initiative, to take risks and engage people to collaborate with each other.


The course “Introduction to Business” helped me to improve my business qualities, such as communication skills, research skills and especially leadership skill. I have identified my management style and worked on the steps in exemplary leadership practices which appeared to weak. Improved leadership qualities are already helping me in the process of learning and at work, since I can identify the appropriate step or commitment for the situation. I have learned how to defend my opinion or accept the responsibility in case of need, and what is most important, I learned to adjust my management style from democratic to paternalistic, when it is needed, and mastered the art of enabling team members to act and fostering collaboration. Thus, I find this course very effective and would recommend it to everyone who needs to analyze own business skills, determine areas for improvement and to have a solid leadership skills training.