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Women During Wartime | Nursing

It is a well-known fact that many women were the nurses in the hospitals during the wars, performing the humanitarian services near the fighting front and even on the battlefields. As a result, those women have earned the undying respect and gratitude from soldiers that were saved.

A Brief Historical Summary: Introduction to Women During Wartime reports that the war brought opportunities for women outside the work through home. We all heard about Rosie the Riveter, the woman regarded as an icon for the women of the period of the World War II. Hence, being the nurses created a completely new sense of independence for a number of women. As a result, there were several policy changes for the first time, allowing women to serve in various spheres, for example, in 1942 there was founded the WAVES organization (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service), that was a branch of the Navy. Besides, there were also a number of the similar organizations at that time. In 1948, the organization, named the WAF (Women in the Air Force) was created.

The next year, according to American Society of Registered Nurses (2007), in 1949, the Air Force Nurse Corps was also founded. In addition, in 1953, in the Regular Army there was the first female physician was as a medical officer.

As a result, the role of women has changed completely, and being allowed to work as nurses during the wars, then, some time later the women tried to enter into the armed forces. So, the first women in the armed forces’ history were in 1970.

The role of nurses was practically the same in different countries because there were a lot of injured people in every region and men were fighting, so the women needed to take care about the injured. However, there were some differences concerning the women independence and the time it began.

To sum up, apart from being a necessary part in the military spheres during the wars, the women had also gained their independence, opportunities to get military professions and a respect, of course. The well-known poster, “We Can Do It” confirms this. Besides, the women gained high rate of pay that resulted in the economic leverage.



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