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Interviewing People

Interview is a perfect chance to get to know someone better. It may be a splendid chance to take a glimpse into the work of the organization or a chance to learn more about prospective employees. So, it is always central during the interview to put the best foot forward. Nobody likes untidy, poorly-dressed and rude people. The first impressions are half the battle, so it is vital for the positive and inviting interview to make sure that your look is perfect.

There are several important elements of a positive and inviting interview environment. To create a welcoming and comfortable interview environment, first of all, it is vital to select a place that is free of interruptions. Phones should be off and doors need to be closed. The choice of location is supposed to be governed by the culture of your company, the ethics that is customary for you and the sort of interviewees you want to talk with (McDermott).

Interviewee should feel relaxed, so the key point for establishing a positive interview environment is an open smile and a firm handshake. It is also highly recommended for the interviewer to escort his guest to the special interviewing room. Interviewee should feel genuine interest in his personality and in his words.

Some really formal questions needed to be avoided, however, they provide interviewer with advantage of the chance to get to know his interlocutor better. Interviewee realizes that you will be taking notes. Don’t take notes only on the negatives. Begin writing right from the beginning, noting all the words of your partner in conversation. Pay attention to the fact that your notes may be subpoenaed. So, keep notes and avoid writing unjustified opinion. And one more important prompt: it is necessary to establish the process and possible length of the interview and to stick to it. Always thank your interlocutors for their time.

So, this is a minimum of the most noteworthy elements of a positive and inviting interview environment. These elements may provide the interviewer with open, frank and sincere dialogue with his interlocutor.



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