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Interest in American University

The role of education in the contemporary world can hardly be underestimated. Knowledge and information are of the utmost importance in the contemporary world because science and technologies have reached the unparalleled level of development that puts educated people in an advantageous position compared to uneducated ones. In fact, this means that education grants better career opportunities and enriches personal development of individuals. In this regard, I would like to obtain my major in biology in an American University.

In fact, I want to obtain my major in biology because I like biology and I have already started to study biology since the age of ten. Remarkably, the more I learned the more conscious I grew of the fact that my knowledge of biology are scarce. This is why now I understand perfectly that I need fundamental knowledge in the field of biology that means that I need to receive good education, which would lay foundation to my professional knowledge, skills and abilities in my target field.

Therefore, I need education of the high quality. This is why I would like to transfer to an American University because I know that American Universities provide their students with education of the high quality. At any rate, American Universities are traditionally ranked at the top of best universities lists. In addition, many students graduating from American Universities have proved to be quite successful. At this point, I would like to place emphasis on the fact that it is not only American students, who have proved to be successful on graduating from American Universities, but also students from other countries, who once graduated from American Universities and reached a tremendous success in their countries, the US or internationally.

Obviously, graduates from American Universities have larger opportunities for employment. At any rate, in my country, graduates from American Universities are in an advantageous position in the labor market compared to students graduating from local universities. In such a way, studying in an American University will open better employment opportunities for me.

Furthermore, the contemporary scientific and business environment is highly globalized and American Universities provide ample opportunities for receiving the high quality education valid in different countries and, what is more, this education is advanced. In such a way, I can obtain not only my major in biology but also to join the new community. The studying in an American University will help me to learn values, norms and standards common to the contemporary globalized world.

American Universities have a solid scientific ground, which is extremely important, taking into consideration my interest in major in biology. In fact, the scientific basis is very important for me because it opens wide opportunities for scientific experiments and studies. Therefore, I will be able to focus on the study of the topic that interests me above all and conduct studies in this field.

In actuality, my major in biology is my main objective. However, along with obtaining my major in biology I am interested in my professional development above all. The major in biology without well-developed professionals skills and extensive professional knowledge would be useless for me. On graduating from an American University, I will be able to continue my education and scientific work on obtaining my major in biology.

While studying in an American University I will have an opportunity to access local libraries, e-libraries, and the latest studies conducted in the field of biology, while universities in other countries often provide access to studies that are not the latest ones. In such a way, I will have access to the most advanced findings in the field of biology.

Furthermore, I am eager to develop new social skills and to study and live in the multicultural environment. Studying in an American University will allow me to live and study in the multicultural environment. I would like to expand my cultural experience. Studying in American Universities opens larger opportunities for understanding better American culture and multiculturalism. Therefore, I will be able to develop new social skills and abilities and expand my cultural knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, studying in an American University will help me to make new friends and I will be able to help American students to understand my culture. In such a way, the exchange of cultural experience is another objective I pursue, while transferring to an American University. Therefore, I will be able to succeed in expanding my cultural experience.

In such a way, the transfer to an American University is very important for me. The transfer will open larger opportunities for me to study biology and to obtain my major in biology. An American University has a solid scientific ground, which allows me as a student to conduct my studies and to learn topics that interest me the most. Moreover, studying in an American University will enrich my social and cultural experience. I will live and study in a new community and share my socio-cultural experience with other students as well as learn new socio-cultural experience from other students.