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Starbucks Company

In the current essay I will research Starbucks Company and discuss the chief executive officer’s – Howard Schultz (CEO) leadership qualities. Howard Schultz was born on July 19, 1953. He is an American businessman, best known as Chairman and CEO of Starbucks Corporation. Certain characteristics make Howard Schultz an effective leader. They are readiness to risk, to create new ideas and implement them, and use creativity.

A credible management industry source thinks that certain characteristics make this individual an effective leader. Among them are: courage, ability to follow the tendencies, and always ready to expand and move forward.

I think that the key cultural and organizational legacy this leader will leave behind will be the world known projects, inspiration and readiness to change the world. Howard Schultz does not follow the tendencies and trends- he creates them. The ability to foresee things and expectations of the customers is extremely important, and Howard Schultz has proven that he is able to do that.

It can be said that Howard Schultz is a true leader who is always ready to take a risk, to try something new, to use innovative strategies and new approaches, even if nobody has even done this before. Creative approach to doing the business worldwide has opened many doors and erased the borders between the countries. This leader has shown the world the way he is doing business and expanding it. As well, everyone knows that Starbucks does not need the advertisements, as the word of a mouth is the most important. One of the most important components are quality and service, which Starbucks certainly offers its clients.


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