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Importance of Words and Paragraphs

Present paper describes the importance of words and paragraphs. There is a statement that words would carry certain meanings with or without paragraphing, so, paragraphing has no impact on communication. Yes, words are powerful but more importantly, they carry meaning. However, it is paragraphing that sometimes helps to strengthen the power of words and the whole message. In spite of the power of a single word, the paragraph may comprise the definition of this key word, thus enhancing its strength.

Generally speaking, almost every piece of writing should be organized into paragraphs as they demonstrate a reader where all parts of a paper start and end, and therefore assist the reader in paying attention to the organization of the work and grasping its key points. Paragraph is a visual method to divide the major thoughts of a paper and is necessary to create an obvious flow of thoughts within a paper. Indeed, the ground authors do not create papers as one extended paragraph is apparent: doing so would be enormously puzzling for the reader whether it is a business contract or a novel. Isaac Babel once said, “A new paragraph is an amazing thing. It allows you quietly alter the rhythm, and it may be like a flash of lightning that demonstrates the same landscape from another aspect.” (Paustovsky, 1969)

Paragraphing has three main functions:

  1. It assists the reader in understanding a lengthy or complex utterance by revealing its structure, mainly demonstrating which grammatical units are parallel to each other.
  2. It clearly shows how dissimilar parts of an utterance relate to one another, avoiding vagueness about the objects of modifiers like preposition phrases and adverbial clauses.
  3. It may be utilized to cut down a text by avoiding recurrence.

The readability of the paper is also enhanced as paragraphing increases the “white space” on the page. Generally, paragraphs allow people to: control the ideas; provide concrete examples; comment on the ideas and give own opinion; state the main point again in other ways; summarize for other people the written words.

The purpose that paragraphing might fulfill comprise illustrating a notion with examples, definition of a key word, classification into categories. It is even possible to re-order separate paragraphs according to how the person thinks the ideas fit together. So, effective paragraphing guarantees that the key thoughts of a paper are clearly divided, logically organized, and connected to the major argument of the paper. The final goal in organizational communication is to make an effective paper – one that is clear and understood. Thus, I come to conclusion that words carry the message, but this message becomes more influential, clear and reader-friendly when used in paragraphs.


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