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Illuminati is traditionally referrer to secret groups which manipulate with the public opinion to establish a new world order which can replace the existing one. At the same time, the existence of illuminati has nave been proved. On the other hand, illuminati is closely associated with the conspiracy theory which persists throughout decades and even today it is possible to find the ground for the conspiracy theory through the analysis of current events in the world and messages people receive from media on the regular basis. In this respect, it is particularly noteworthy to refer to the post-9/11 policies and media coverage which contribute to the maintenance of the conspiracy theory increasing the number of those who believe in the existence of illuminati.

The terror attacks on 9/11 provoked not only numerous casualties but the bombardment of the public with information, messages sent to the mass audience through the mass media. In actuality, the public received multiple messages from mass media concerning the terror attacks. The impact of such multiple messages can hardly be underestimated. People observed the numerous casualties and destructions caused by terror attacks, they heard or read constantly of potential threats of new terror attacks, they got information about sufferings of those people who have died or lost their relatives after 9/11. As a result, the outcome of such bombardment of the public with information concerning terror attacks led to the support of the War on Terror launched by the US officials after 9/11. Formally, the reason for the war was the threat of international terrorism to the national security of the US.

Nevertheless, regardless the official version of the organization of the terror attacks on September 11, there are a lot of opponents who argue that it is not Al Qaeda, or any other external power that is actually responsible for the terror attacks but it is rather the US government headed by G.W. Bush that organized secretly the terror attacks. In fact, such a position is based on the idea of the government conspiracy which has been quite popular in the US since the murder of J.F. Kennedy in 1963. But, it would be a mistake to think that the arguments of the supporters of the theory of the plot or government conspiracy are absolutely illusionary.

At the same time, it is necessary to underline that the idea of the government conspiracy appeared only when the facts that the US law enforcement agencies and special services such as the CIA and the FBI had information concerning the planning of terror attacks in the territory of the US. In fact, the supporters of the idea of the government conspiracy argue that the US special services and law enforcement agencies which are under the control of the US President and his administration knew about the attacks on September 11, but they did not attempt to prevent them, which the critics of the government cannot explain otherwise but conspiracy.

Furthermore, the events that followed terror attacks made the arguments of the supporters of the idea of the government conspiracy even more convincing. To put it more precisely, it is argued that the terror attacks on September 11, were used as a pretext to enforcement of the military lobby in the US politics, as the possibility to start military operations against anti-American regimes worldwide threatening other countries using the military power of the US, and the attacks were also used to enforce the power of the government and law enforcement agencies through the limitation of some liberties and private security (Hamblen, 69).

Finally, the supporters of the idea of the government conspiracy reminded about the links between the US and Al Qaeda since, as the matter of fact, this terrorist organization was created by the US and operated in Afghanistan in the struggle of the local people against Soviet occupation. This is why, it is argued that Al Qaeda and its leader, Usama bin Laden, are created and, therefore, controllable by the US (Gunaratna, 81).

In stark contrast to such a theory of the government conspiracy, the official US authorities and the world community tends to view the terror attacks on September 11 as an attempt of international terrorists, which are absolutely uncontrollable, to undermine the existing world order and provoking chaos worldwide in the result of socio-economic crises caused by terror attacks gain some economic and political benefits. Basically, such a position of the US authorities is also based on quite convincing arguments.

First of all, it should be said that the terror attacks were officially recognized as being organized by Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is an international terrorist organization which operates worldwide and it has its basis in different countries of the world, including those countries against which the US started military operations, especially Afghanistan where members of Al Qaeda were trained and prepared for their terrorist activities.

Furthermore, even though the US actively supported the formation of Al Qaeda as the opposing military group struggling against the USSR in the period of Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, at the present moment there are no factual evidences of the links between the US government or special services such as the CIA with this terrorist organizations. This is why it is argued that Al Qaeda simply went out of control as well as many other similar organizations after the end of the Cold War because such organizations were supported by both the USSR and the US, but, as soon as the Cold War was over, neither the US nor its former opponent needed these organizations. As a result, there was no support of these organizations and, therefore, no control over them.

Finally, Al Qaeda as well as many other organizations that are defined as terrorist organizations repeatedly declared the US as their main enemy and they constantly threatened to the US and even organized terror attacks against its civilians and military before September 11. In fact, September 11 attacks were not unique but this was probably the most tragic attack in a row of other attacks that occurred in 1990s – 2000s. In such a way, Al Qaeda, being based in the Middle East and close to and supported by countries which opposed to the US, became the organization that led the terrorist struggle against the US because any other methods of the struggle with the US, the only superpower in the world, prove to be ineffective.

In such a way, supporters of the existence of illuminati and conspiracy theory (Levi, 141) can get ample information to develop their conspiracy theory further on because the multiple message sent to the public through mass media have proved to be able to shape the public opinion. However, the puppeteers and their goals were unclear to the mass public but the public got multiple messages which intended to persuade people that the launch of the War on Terror is essential for the national security. In such a context, it is quite noteworthy that the War on Terror did change the world order that meets, to a significant extent, the conspiracy theory which is traditionally attributed to illuminati.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the idea of existence of illuminati persists. In this regard, the current impact of mass media and messages people receive from mass media contribute to the spread of conspiracy theory and belief that illuminati does aim at the change of the existing world order, while the recent War on Terror may be viewed as one of the factors that strengthens such beliefs.

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