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Illegal Immigration

In actuality, the problem of illegal immigration is one of the major challenges to the US, especially today in the time of economic recession. In this regard, the op-ed Do-It-Yourself Deportation by A. Alarcon reveals the critical view on the immigration legislation that introduces strict regulations in relation to illegal or undocumented immigrants. The author states his position clearly stressing that contemporary immigration policies are unfair but, in actuality, the US has little options to choose but to introduce strict legal regulations concerning immigration to stimulate the do-it-yourself immigration.

First of all, the author of the op-ed is very critical in relation to illegal immigration. In this regard, the author refers to his personal experience arguing that existing legal regulations caused his separation with his family. On the other hand, he states that he suffered from the separation from his family. This means that the author suffered from the separation with his family before the introduction of new legal norms. However, he argues that new legal norms and regulations are stricter in relation to immigration. At this point, it is obvious that the effect of legislation on the position of immigrants and the author’s family in particular is obvious but the problem is not the legislation but the fact of the illegal immigration. To put it more precisely, the author did suffer and will suffer as long as his family members immigrate to the US illegally that is the problem but not the legislation.

In fact, the US authorities just attempt to set clear and comprehensible rules to follow, while the problem of immigrants is their inability to immigrate to the US in the legal way. At this point, the policy of the US is fair because the authorities create laws and rules, which regulate the process of immigration. Therefore, what immigrants have to do is just to meet existing legal norms and standards. What the author implies criticizing existing legislation, is the encouragement of the illegal immigration, which is apparently unfair in relation to legal immigrants. Obviously, there is no point in pursuing the legal way of immigration, if immigrants can just arrive to the US and stay there as the author wants his parents and brother to do. Therefore, illegal immigrants compete with legal immigrants and put them into a disadvantageous position because the illegal immigration provokes the negative attitude to immigrants in the US.

In addition, the legal norms and immigration policies conducted by the US and criticized by the author of the article are essential in economic terms. To put it more precisely, the US cannot admit the ongoing rise in the illegal immigration in the time, when the US suffers from the economic recession and galloping unemployment rate. In such a situation, American citizens and legal immigrants face the problem of the growing unemployment rate, while illegal immigrants take their jobs. Therefore, the US just attempts to protect its own citizens and creates fair conditions for immigrants.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the critical view on the illegal immigration and existing legislation may be justified from personal standpoint but it is unacceptable from the legal ground and strategic policies conducted by the US. In fact, the legislative regulation of immigration by the US is essential for the protection of economic interests of the US.


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