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IB TOK Essay

Nowadays, politicians, advertisements and members of our families all make appeals to our emotions. In the current essay I will discuss the relative importance of each of these elements in perception.

Politicians. Politicians have considerable influence on society and cause different emotions. Counting and recognizing the politicians as an example for us, we certainly are willing to believe their guidance and advice. There is the desire to help people through participation in various promotions, or any assistance – either social fund is not stuck to all politicians in the world. Today, political advertising has a high popularity, although not through the television. Their mission is deeper. They make us think about the importance of higher education for our younger child, getting to throw a bottle of spirits and cigarettes, to finally find their way in life and achieve something – or meaningful, to help us understand how important it is to protect the environment and help old people and disabilities. In the end, it is our choice to you, which is everything. So let’s be sensible and heed the call of the people called the defenders of our own interests, as described in The influence of politics.

Effective and simple method of manipulation, especially in political advertising, when carefully chosen rumors dilute are unrelated pieces of truth and presented against the backdrop of foggy reasoning of some “experts” from the little-known research institutions, issued a reasoned and insightful analysis of the situation.

Advertisements. Why does good publicity necessarily affects the rights? Because we have our own desires, weaknesses and complexes. Each segment of a potential audience has special mental attitude, which represents social stereotypes. Because of this, advertising has imperceptible influence on the human psyche in a way that he goes and gets the advertised product. You can list the three psychological aspect, which “plays” the drafters of advertising. This is the need for belonging, the need for status and need for love. I’m sure many have seen the slogans of some producers or companies that sound like this: “We are together!” “With us the world is a brighter place!”. It is something other than human exposure, on a subconscious level. It is known that each of us chooses to stay within the society. Anyone is afraid of loneliness, and reaches out to the community. These feelings of people become advertising, as stated in Influence of advertising.

It is only natural that advertising borrows methods of human exposure to improve their own efficiency. Not only because it’s so psychologists say, but by analyzing their buying behavior ourselves, we quickly realize that we are making a purchase, subject to no one impulse: hesitating, wavering – and suddenly buy. Sophisticated advertising as a time and contributes to an early manifestation of this impulse. Thus, advertising contributes to a trance with the customers, the manifestation of impulse buying.

“All science is important. But for advertisers, especially important is the psychology. It gives the basic parameters for the development of advertising concepts. But art must put these psychologically based concepts in all possible forms of a talent. Art must translate complex psychological calculations on its attractive and everyone can understand the language. ”

At the heart of any advertising technologies it is manipulating customers’ behavior. Manipulation is always done implicitly, covertly, because who in their right mind agree to it in addition to their own will were forced to perform any acts, non-relevant. A striking example of manipulation – is a countless number of different types of “psychics”, “Mage”, “witches” and other masters of extortion of money from people. Suddenly it turns out that we have guided some “damage”, and only psychics can it successfully “removed” – for a decent price of course. This is an example of extremely effective manipulation in order to advertise their services. The most important thing is to make our own choices we thought the decision reasonable and prudent.

Experts say a few stages of the manipulation of consciousness. First, defining the stable stereotypes, having motivational analysis, identification of existing societal values, the manipulator tries to emphasize and deepen them. Then there are made almost imperceptible, but very important elements that begin to subtly influence our perception of the event. And finally, a deep influence on our life values their absolute change until the opposite.

Advertising in the U.S. has a vital role as a stimulator of economic growth. It can be considered as entertainment side of American life, and many of the works of specialists in advertising are true works of art. In the mid-twentieth century began the serious study of that without which it is difficult to imagine our life – advertising. We are confronted with advertisements everywhere – sitting at home in front of television, listening to the radio on my way to work or school – wherever we are, we can see or hear advertisements telling about new products or services, as described in The influence of advertising.

Members of our families also influence us a lot. Sometimes, this kind of influence determines people’s destiny and further life. Members of our families can cause emotions that are the strongest, as described in Family influence and relationships. This element is extremely important in the perception because influences a person’s life and has its consequences. Family has always been the most important for a person. All in all, politicians, advertisements and members of our families in perception have considerable influence on people’s lives, and they are also indispensable for people all over the world.

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