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How Recent Budget Cuts are Affecting the Quality of Education

To begin with I would like to express that indeed, from 2000 we can see a tendency that is characterized by a shortage of college and university’s program and scholarships. The reason of these shortages lies in budget cuts, which in my opinion certainly will affect the quality of education.

It should be noted that this policy is directly connected to the 2008 World economic crisis. As a fact, in 2008 and in the following years projected state revenues came in far below expectations. As a result, our government responded with budget cuts, which continued throughout 2009 and 2010. It can be said that 2011 budget will be another lackluster year concerning income. Along with higher education funding reductions hit K-12 education, services for elderly and disabled people, health care programs, dismissing of the public servant and public safety, due to the reduction of sales tax, income tax, and other funding sources, which provides funds for government programs, as stated in Budget Cuts Impact UCSC Departments.

As a matter of fact, it would affect the quality of education. According to College students rally over tuition, education quality, because of the lack of funding, colleges and universities are turning away perspective students, effectively limiting the number of students registered at state colleges and universities. As a fact, this is a fundamental need for students from minority groups and/or for those, who have less advantage to the financial resources to obtain grants and scholarships for continuing education.

It should be noted that high unemployment rate in the U.S. with the reduction in the number of people, who receiving higher education puts in a difficult position those, who do not have a job, but wanted to continue his education to get a job. As a fact, these people are faced with a situation where funding is not available and tuition fees are too high. Thus, there is an effect, by which unemployed or people with part-time employment may not receive the necessary training to find a job that will support their family. While the unemployment rate continues to rise, the budget revenues will fall, and reduce funding for higher education. This cycle continues and more people become unemployed, as a result treasury collects less taxes to promote programs that offer assistance to those disadvantaged groups. These people want to work, but budget cuts reduce their ability to find a job and even encourage unemployment because they have no other options. This leads to a feeling of powerlessness to get a job because of lack of skills and education, as described in Diversity in higher education threatened by budget cuts.

Obviously, budget cuts led us to a situation, when talent applicants from poor families will not be able to receive higher education. As a result, our country will not have young and ambitious doctors, scientists, teachers and so on. Moreover, budget cuts will affect recent students’ university and college programs, which include internships, practical training, experiments and so on.

To sum it up I would like to declare that, in my opinion, recent budget cuts would have enormous negative impact on education quality in the U.S.


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