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Hezbollah in the US | The New Threat

Today, Americans believe that Al-Qaeda is the major threat to the US safety. However, in the time of the rapidly progressing international terrorism, Al-Qaeda is not the only threat to the US citizens. Instead, Americans should be aware of the threat from the part of such notorious terrorist organization as Hezbollah.

In fact, Hezbollah is one of the most bloodthirsty terrorist organizations in the Middle East. At any rate, the number of victims of Hezbollah in the Middle East has outpaced consistently the number of victims of Al-Qaeda. However, many Americans believe that Hezbollah is remote from the US and, therefore, Americans have nothing to worry about.

In this respect, it is worth reminding the disclosure of the Hezbollah’s cell in Charlotte, NC, in 2002. In fact, the operation conducted by the US law enforcement agencies and anti-terrorist agencies revealed the clandestine activities conducted by Hezbollah’s cell in the US and Canada since 1995. In such a way, this case proves the full extent to which Hezbollah is close to the US. Therefore, Americans may be vulnerable to terror attacks, if Hezbollah decides to attack the US.

Naturally, Americans may question why Hezbollah should attack the US citizens. In this respect, it is worth reminding the support of Israel by the US in the Middle East and the growing tension between the US and Iran. By the way, Iran supports Hezbollah and funds the terrorist organization. Therefore, Iran can use its impact on Hezbollah with the help of which Iran can attack the US.

Thus, Hezbollah is a real threat to the US and Americans should be aware of this threat, while anti-terrorist agencies should enhance their operations to destroy the Hezbollah’s network.