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Health Behavior Essay

One of the socially harmful habits is smoking. Nowadays lots of the people around us smoke: men, women, seniors, teens, that is why smoking may be considered as a general habit of the society. Many people know that smoking is very harmful, know about harmful effect of nicotine on health, but despite this fact, smoking today is popular among half a quarter of all men and women in the world.

Smoking as a habit became a way of life of many people, and according to some scientists, it is a type of social behavior: the very process of smoking is an essential element in communicating between people, part of lifestyle. But in reality smoking is impeding the surrounding people, and cigarette smoke irritate many people as it affects not only a smoker, but also people around him, creating conditions for passive smoking. So many people do not like to be in the company of smokers, for example, in a cafe or at a party. Now smoking is banned in many public places, which also helps to reduce smoking around us, separating smokers from people who do not smoke.

I, in turn, was also a smoker. It is important to say that my family negatively treated my habit, I was not allowed to smoke in their presence, I had lots of arguments with my parents about that. Also among my friends there are not so many smokers, only a few guys, and most of girls negatively relate to smoking habit. Knowing what harm I bear to my body through smoking, a month ago I decided to stop it. I can say that I felt a lot of benefits after giving up smoking. For example, now my clothes and hands do not smell like tobacco, and people around me like it, especially non-smokers. Now I do not smoke in the café and public places, and I can sit with my friends in the rooms for nonsmokers. Also, now my room smells much better after I quit smoking, and my neighbors have stopped complaining that the smoke gets in their rooms. All these factors have a positive impact on my environment and the people around me.