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Essay About Hazards

It is known that hazards can occur in any workplace. They are represented by different forms such as falling objects, flying sparks and chemicals from dangerous substances, high level of noise, and other dangerous situations. That is why the employers should pay special attention to possible hazards that can injure the employees. It is recommended to control a possible hazard at its source. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends to use engineering and administrative controls in order to manage different hazards in the workplace. Engineering control builds a so-called barrier between the hazards and the employees. Administrative control can change working conditions of the employees in order to eliminate hazardous situation.

The use of Personal Protective equipment in the workplace helps to eliminate exposure to possible hazards. Personal protective equipment includes special gloves, protective hearing devices, protective respirators, foot protection and eye, face and head protection, and even full body suits. Let’s take, for example, carpenters, electricians and welders. The employees of this job category require special eye protection because they can get face or eye injury in case of a hazardous situation. Dust, metal and wood chips as well as chemicals from dangerous substances can injure the employees’ eyes and face. In this case, PPE is the most common control measure. Some types of eye and face protection in the workplace include welding shields, safety spectacles, and others.

In order to raise the measures on the hierarchy of controls that includes engineering control and administrative control, it is recommended to determine the appropriate types of PPE, to inform and train the employees in the effective use of PPE, to carry out regular inspections which will help to raise the level of awareness of the employees. Such roadblocks as negligence and violation of regulation for safety can lead to serious consequences which include eye and face injuries. (Personal Protective Equipment)

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