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Joanne K. Rowling Brilliant Speech

In 2008, Joanne K. Rowling, the author of world bestseller series Harry Potter delivered a brilliant speech at Harvard University commencement. She shares her experience in overcoming difficult, ground-breaking situations to prove that troubles and problems make us stronger and more prepared for various further life tests, as she admits those hard lessons more beneficial than any qualifications.

On the whole, this is a drastic, heartening speech which provides an important piece of advice for the graduates, especially for dreamers and overachievers who are on the threshold of adult life. Rowling’s speech bristles with satire and subtle humor. She starts her thanks with mentioning fear and nausea she had weeks before addresses as well as some weight she has lost.

She warns that she to no extent will be able to help the graduates become successful businessmen, but rather show them the way to becoming wizards.

“Achievable goals, a first step to self-improvement,” Rowling states seriously and then she turns to her own memories. Thus, she explains her decision to teach her audience to benefit from failures. Crucial importance of imagination is one of the main points she develops. She recollects how she had to make a compromise with her family in choosing a profession, but she prevents the graduates from putting responsibility and blame on parents.

Further, there is a strong passage on poverty, which, on the one hand, gives enough reason to pride when you climb out of it yourself, and on the other hand, is “romanticized only by fools.” Finally, she concludes that imagination is the strongest thing with which we can help people. “Magic is not needed to change the world,” she says. And thus she really inspires young people to believe in themselves and for fair burns their hearts for faith and self-esteem.