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Grants for Nonprofits

The modern society is profit-driven but often people forget about the importance of their natural environment. As a result, people often ignore environmental needs and pollute their environment in the pursuit of high profits and better conditions of living. In such a situation, business encourages consumerist trends in the contemporary society because consumption let business grow. On the other hand, consumption becomes one of the major threats to the natural environment. In such a situation, it is only non-profit organizations can change the situation for better and protect environment from the excessive pollution and destructive impact of human activities. As the matter of fact, the US suffers from the growing pollution of the environment but large corporations pay little attention to environment, whereas their so-called environmental programs reveal the hypocrisy of large corporations because, on the one hand, they donate to environmental organizations or develop their environmental programs, whereas, on the other hand, they make a significant contribution in the pollution of environment. Hence, non-profit organizations can change the situation for better because they are driven by environmental concerns but not by profit. However, non-profit organizations lack funds and the government should help non-profit environmental organizations that will increase the effectiveness of environmental program and preserve the natural environment from the ongoing degradation.

Today, the problem of the climate change affects significantly the development of the world economy. In actuality, consistent environmental changes caused by the climate change provoked the change of traditional economic activities in many regions of the world. These changes are particularly obvious in the agricultural sector of the world economy, where farmers have to change their traditional methods of farming to adapt to new, changing climatic conditions to maximize crops and, therefore, maintain their revenues high. In addition, the climate change has provoked severe natural disasters, which have never been so widely-spread before. As a result, the world economy and business need addition protection from natural disasters that implies not only the wider introduction of technological innovations but also the development of insurance business, which though tends to become risky when climate change issues are involved. At the same time, the climate change has proved to be the market failure at the international level because the unexpected climatic changes revealed the unpreparedness of business and national economies to such changes. In such a situation, the assistance of national governments may help to tackle the problem of the climate change because governments can introduce environmental policies decreasing their pollution of the environment and negative impact of human activities on the environment. But the government should not intervene into the economic processes because it will waste its funds, whereas the strategic goal of the government is to stop the climate change. Therefore, policies started in terms of the Kyoto protocol should be developed and new international agreement should be more effective in regard to the solution of the problem of the climate change. The world community should unite its efforts in the struggle against the climate change to prevent ongoing economic crises and downturn of the world economy for years and decades ahead.

Obviously, in such a situation, the US and the world community should start acting right now. In fact, non-profit organizations can succeed in the development of effective programs that can prevent the further deterioration of the environmental situation and pollution of the environment. In fact, non-profit organizations can raise the public opinion and develop programs that can minimize the pollution and improve environmental situation but they need funds and the government should support them.

In this regard, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that non-profit organizations can save public funds for state agencies working on the environment protection are not very efficient. In contrast, non-profit organizations are effective tools of the public control over business as well as the government itself. Therefore, grants for non-profit organizations aiming at the environment protection can help the government to save public funds because the government will not need to maintain its agencies performing similar functions, whereas non-profit organizations will maintain the public control over business and organizations as well as individuals that pollute environment. In fact, non-profit organizations will be more effective than state agencies because they do not have such a complex, bureaucratic structure as state agencies do. Instead, they are mobile and effective. Therefore, they can identify major environmental problems, draw the public attention to them, and develop programs to solve them.

Furthermore, non-profit organizations can use government grants effectively because their primary concern is environment protection but not the profit, as is the case of business, or retention of their position and funding, as is the case of state agencies. In fact, non-profit organizations are the perfect alternative which is more efficient than state agencies and cheaper because they need grants and they do not ask for exorbitant expenses that are spent on state agencies.

In addition, today, the government has to cut costs because the negative effect of the economic recession leads to the ongoing deterioration of the economic situation in the US and deficit of the federal budget. In such a situation, the development of government grants for non-profit organizations and refusal from the maintenance of state environmental agencies will allow the government to save considerable funds. Non-profit organizations can receive funding from diverse resources. This means that government funds will be an important part but only a part of funding of non-profit environmental organists. Hence, the government will spend less on grants for non-profit environmental organizations than on the maintenance of its agencies, whose efficiency is low. Non-profit environmental organizations can raise funds through donations of average citizens. Business can also donate to non-profit organizations. The diverse sources of funding of non-profit environmental organizations will make them less vulnerable to the negative impact of the economic recession compared to state agencies, which suffer from the lack of funding and have to fold down their programs.

In addition, the public effect of non-government organizations is much more significant compared to state environmental agencies. First, many volunteers join non-profit organizations that contribute to the wider support of initiatives of non-profit environmental organizations compared to sate environmental agencies. At the same time, volunteers allow non-profit organizations to save their funds. Business and state agencies will never work for free. Professionals working in non-profit are really enthusiastic because they are eager to make their environment better and to stop the pollution and climate change. Therefore, people working in non-profit organizations are enthusiastic and they are ready to do their job for free but still non-profit organizations do need the support from the part of the government. Hence, grants for non-profit environmental organizations are essential.

Finally, the ongoing deterioration of the environmental situation forces the world to start acting and the efficiency of steps undertaken by the global community will define the effectiveness of the overall struggle against the climate change and other environmental problems. In such a situation, non-profit environmental organizations have always been and always will be the major driving force. For instance, Greenpeace and similar organizations have done more than all political leaders, who signed the Kyoto Protocol, which, by the way, failed to work properly, while in the US it did not work at all because the government is not interested in the environment protection as much as non-profit environmental organizations.

Thus, grants for non-profit environmental organizations are vitally important for them and they are extremely important for the US society because these organizations can raise the public and make considerable changes in the American society. In fact, non-profit environmental organizations can stop or, at least, slow down the environment pollution but the government should provide grants for them to carry on their programs and struggle. Non-profit environmental organizations are more efficient than state agencies or private companies, They can save costs for the government for state environmental agencies may be reduced. Finally, non-profit environmental organizations unite true enthusiasts, whose work is highly productive.


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