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Government in American colonies

The period which lasted since 1607 when Jamestown was established till 1763 – the year of the Treaty of Paris – was the time of evaluation of Europeans arrived to America. Politics, economics, religions and even social structure in the Colonies become complete different comparing to them in England. It was the major factors which later stimulated the war for American independence.

The changes in church took place by 1763 (Cheyfitz, 2002). Several colonies accomplished separation of church and state what was the result of an essential uprising for religious toleration. There was also established the Anglican Church by the British which almost had no separation of church and state and the head of it became the king of England. Such states as Rhode Island and Connecticut were an example of the states with relative religious freedom and separation of church and state.

Similar revolution took place in economics what was caused by two factors – the colonies didn’t need mercantile connection with England and they created their own capitalist system. Most colonies did not want to accept English mercantile system anymore; they intended to be independent from help of other countries and to become self-sufficient. In this situation the Southern colonies were mostly dependable on England in trade because of its geographical position but the Northern colonies could create the trade system which damaged the British mercantile system of thinking. Trade triangles were developed by the Northern colonies and made them wealthier comparing to the Southern ones. Such situation became possible because Britain considered money to be the tool of power while Americans thought it was the way to make the better off. It was mainly the difference of interests and purposes of Americans and British. Americans were motivated by so-called more human idea.

Political system was also very different in these countries. The colonies established and followed the principles of liberty and self-government while Britain had a monarchy even though together with a representative government which was not elected by people. American political system was a result of the distance between the colony and the mother country. The Atlantic Ocean created a barrier for ruling the colonies and it was the basement for creating their own political ideas on government system.

The colonies also had completely different social structure: on contrary to Britain which had defined classes, the colonies social structure provided the possibility for the simple worker to become a leader. It was almost impossible to get from lower class even to the medium one in England. Americans had no problem with it. The colonies were a land of possibilities for poor people. Such perception of the country still exists nowadays. All these changes input into creation of a new and unique American culture which was different from that one in Europe. Due to pressure and neglect from mother country after 1763 the colonies rebelled and American Revolution broke out (Johnson, 2007).


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