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Gilman – “The Yellow Wallpaper” – the Story of Female Oppression

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is one of the early feminist literary works, which reveal the full extent, to which women were oppressed in the male-dominated society. The main character of the story is the woman totally controlled by her husband that actually drives her mad to the edge of the insanity, when a slight depression eventually turns into paranoia and insanity. In such a way, the author shows that the female oppression by males made the life of women unbearable and their struggle for freedom and equality was extremely hard.

In fact, the author depicts the life of the main character as a sort of nightmare, where she is locked up in the room by her husband, who controls her every step and move. She is totally deprived of any rights or personal liberties. Instead, she has to obey to her husband and do what he tells her. The author reveals how oppressed women are and the society is male-dominated. The main character has no way out but to obey but, in her strife for freedom, she creates an imaginary world, which leads her to paranoia and insanity. She is trying to save a woman, which she believes to live behind the yellow wallpaper. In such a way, she attempts to liberate the imaginary woman that is a symbol of the liberation of herself as well as other women in the male-dominated society.

Eventually, the main character rebels and torn off the wallpaper to make the imaginary woman free and to free herself of bounds imposed on her by her husband and society.