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Memphis Essay

Memphis is one of the main cities of Egypt that plays an important part in the economic and cultural development of the entire country. In this regard, the development of Memphis affects consistently the development of the entire country. On the other hand, the city faces considerable problems in its development, which Hall suggests solving through civic innovations, such as possible solutions to the existing problems of the city.

In fact, the author argues that the city can resolve its current problems through the introduction of innovations that can help the city to change its current socioeconomic development and to make the city one of the leading urban areas in the region. For instance, the city faces the problem of the overpopulation and Hall suggests introducing new technologies to build larger residential areas which include skyscrapers and other innovative solutions. At the same time, I would suggest to use available space more efficiently through the improvement of the infrastructure and transportation system, limiting traffic in the center of the city and moving the transit beyond the city limits.

Another problem Hall identifies is the persisting socioeconomic disparity between different classes that leads to the marginalization of a large part of the city population. Hall suggests using innovations to create new jobs in the city and to tackle this problem. As for me, I would also consider the possibility of developing sport infrastructure that will help to create new jobs and decrease crime rates as people would practice sport, instead of committing crimes, when they are idling.

Thus, Memphis could solve its current problems through innovations. The solution of the overpopulation and socioeconomic problems is particularly important for the city at the moment.